cult of personality

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intense devotion to a particular person

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Based on the evidence supplied by Andersson and Helena Ahonen, animated film is among the most effective, and potentially amusing, means to dismantle the cult of personality.
The cult of personality is a threat because CEOs are often charismatic figures, especially the entrepreneurial ones who have built their own companies.
But England bought into the cult of personality and completely forgot that Italy had a few more other talented players on the pitch and allowed Matteo Darmian and Antonio Candreva to pose the real threat on the right and assist in producing the winning goal for that huge fan of bonfire night Mario Balotelli.
Read as an allegory of the city, Hora's show was a timely reminder to look through this carefully crafted cult of personality, which masks the everyday contributions of those faceless individuals whose labor built and continues to sustain Dubai.
It's no surprise that China's leaders have chosen to honor Mao with such pomp," Wenqian's article continued, "In the decades following the establishment of the People's Republic in 1949, Mao's cult of personality formed the cornerstone of the one-party system.
While the RSS has yet to spare someone for the post of the organising secretary -- the link between the BJP and the RSS, just last week, former party spokesperson Sunil Bhargava wrote to party president Rajnath Singh complaining about " the cult of personality overshadowing the organisation".
His popularity runs the risk of becoming "a cult of personality," he warned.
Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers Into Fanatics" explores the cult of personality that Lady Gaga has cultivated, and what can be learned from her messages to her fans.
Denying the presence of 'Stalinism' in Russai, Putin said that Stalinism is linked with a cult of personality and massive violations of the law, with repression and camps, which is not the case in Russia, although he said that it does not mean that there should be no order and discipline.
The cult of personality that he has created for himself was evident during the week when the first thing we priced up following his appointment wasn't Sunderland's odds of survival, but for him to push over another ref and for him to be sent to the stands during the season (100/1 and 4/1 for those of you asking
In fact, this election goes beyond the cult of personality or the likability (or lack thereof) of either candidate.
They are used to build a cult of personality for the dynastic family.
This timely volume on the history of North Korea provides an insider's look, as far as one exists, into this paradoxical political system and explores the effects of the recent transition of power to Kim Jong Un on the cult of personality that has been the backbone of this isolated nation.
The Secretary-centric policies of the State Department and the emphasis on creating a cult of personality have had a debilitating impact on U.