cult of personality

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intense devotion to a particular person

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In the run up to the vote, critics on Chinese social media attacked the move and drew parallels to North Korea or suggested a Mao-type cult of personality was forming.
The soil for authoritarianism and a cult of personality has been plowed under by three decades of increasing openness and economic growth.
Consequently, Iraqis who rejected the cult of personality and found little solace in stale ideologies, laid low.
Following Khrushchev's ouster, the Brezhnev regime, which was initially tentative regarding the Stalin issue, finally promoted a "heroic narrative" focused on the "construction of socialism" and triumph over Nazism that "required a certain revival of tribute toward Stalin," which subsequently led to the suppression of criticism of the cult of personality and the rise of the dissident movement (239).
It is an absolute dynastic tyranny reinforced by a quasi-religious cult of personality, and is the only modern example of necrocracy -- rule by the dead.
I understand Owen Smith to be a rising Labour star but, in a political landscape dominated by the cult of personality, that, according to Hywel Francis' foreword to the book I am reading, was anathema to the miner and author Lewis Jones.
Trujillo's regime was marked by a massive cult of personality, comparable only to the cult of Stalin in Russia and Kim in North Korea.
Described by the Legal 500 as "innovative in her practice", Mary observed: "In recent years there has been a shift away from the cult of personality in family law.
It added that the prerogatives of the unit "that will break with the cult of personality and allegiance to a system or a party," shall be limited to providing general information and data on the economic sectors and tourism sectors.
When Erdoy-an's cult of personality and the powers injected into the presidency by the military circles meet, we will have a genetically modified presidency that cannot be seen in any parliamentary democracy in the world.
But North Korea is also known to be historically thin-skinned, especially when it comes to the Kims, who have cultivated a cult of personality that analysts say has helped the family pass the torch from father to son twice despite the country's Communist underpinnings.
THIS nation needs to rapidly shake off its obsession with the cult of personality.
The first episode of Youssef's third season on CBC created controversy when the satirist took jabs at the cult of personality surrounding former Defence Minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.
Read as an allegory of the city, Hora's show was a timely reminder to look through this carefully crafted cult of personality, which masks the everyday contributions of those faceless individuals whose labor built and continues to sustain Dubai.
While the RSS has yet to spare someone for the post of the organising secretary -- the link between the BJP and the RSS, just last week, former party spokesperson Sunil Bhargava wrote to party president Rajnath Singh complaining about " the cult of personality overshadowing the organisation".