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Synonyms for culprit

Synonyms for culprit

someone who perpetrates wrongdoing


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Menneville and his men, who were dragging along the culprits, were within ten paces of the door.
The archers were dragging the culprits to the gibbets.
Crooks, however, was not of a revengeful disposition, and agreed to release the culprits as soon as the pillaged property should be restored.
The bands of the culprits were then removed, and they lost no time in taking their departure, still under the influence of abject terror, and scarcely crediting their senses that they had escaped the merited punishment of their offenses.
They stood and stared at each other, pale as culprits.
This shrubbery was a well-known haven of refuge for culprits at Otradnoe.
When the last of the gang, including the two howling culprits, had passed out through the compound gate, Sheldon sank down half- fainting on his couch.
Seeing the wholesome effects of her treatment upon these culprits, Rose felt that she might relent and allow them a gleam of hope.
My eyes had spoken, I knew, until I had found the culprits out and silenced them.
At the culprits of riches, with cold eyes and rank thoughts, who pick up profit out of all kinds of rubbish--at this rabble that stinketh to heaven,
He stopped just as his eminently practical friend, still accompanied by the two young culprits, entered the room.
On the information motorway Police checked the move passenger Sana Ullah recognized the culprit involved in looting passengers by offering intoxicated food items.
During the hearing, police high-ups submitting a report told the bench that efforts were being made to trace the real culprit.
In one particular case, the investigation team managed to identify three culprits, H.
But here, some people instead of catching hold of the culprit kept watching like mute spectators.