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stem of plants of the Gramineae

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Because the rhizomes seem to be an extension of the culms, they often die too which is 'game over' for the plant.
The results show that bamboo culms in transverse section composed of numerous fibers embedded in the parenchymatous ground tissue.
In the first decades after the dredging, until the end of the 1970s, the reed migration strategy was characterized by a rapid formation of numerous small reed culms emerging far from the boundary of dense reed, specifically along the dredged channels and in shallow parts of Matsalu Bay.
fimbriolata develop in the soil on adventitious roots, and can also occur in the culm of the plant (Dinardo-Miranda 2008), unlike M.
If you are planting in the open, Fargesia nitida is a good choice for windy sites and has attractive purple culms.
Liese, "The Anatomy of Bamboo Culms," in International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR), Technical Report No.
Their latest 'Micro Propagation' technique of using emerging branchlets from mature culms is one of the most successful and cheapest methods to establish a bamboo plantation.
The annual harvest is done by select cutting of those 4-5 years old culms (in the last 10 years, an average of about 33.
It can produce harvestable culms within 4-7 years of planting, which can subsequently be harvested annually for timber.
It is variable in size and indumentum of culms, leaves, and panicles.
Nests are often difficult to locate, but may be found in hollow twigs, old termite galleries in dead wood, grass culms, voids in tree trunks, and leaf axils of palms (Deyrup et al.
Also, the fact that the bamboo culms are cut and the remaining plant regenerates continuously makes it a renewable resource, and therefore green.
In this method, the culms of elephant grass were cut at their base and the leaves at the nodes and end of the culms were trimmed.
Strength properties are reported to decrease in older culms (Zhou, 1981).
Like BambooTimbre, it is made using a proprietary process where bamboo culms, or stalks, are flattened, layered and bonded together to make solid boards as thick as 8 inches.