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Synonyms for culmination

Synonyms for culmination

Synonyms for culmination

a final climactic stage


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(astronomy) a heavenly body's highest celestial point above an observer's horizon

the decisive moment in a novel or play

References in classic literature ?
It was so feeble and inconsistent a culmination to the beautiful scenery they had passed through, so hopeless and imbecile a conclusion to the preparation of that long picturesque journey, with its glimpses of sylvan and pastoral glades and canyons, that, as the coach swept down the last incline, and the remorseless monotony of the dead level spread out before them, furrowed by ditches and indented by pits, under cover of shielding their cheeks from the impalpable dust that rose beneath the plunging wheels, they buried their faces in their handkerchiefs, to hide a few half-hysterical tears.
As she ran her needle in and out of the wool, she thought of the various stages in her own life which made her present position seem the culmination of successive miracles.
But you haven't answered my questions," she reproached him, as she emerged, rosy and radiant, from the embrace that had accompanied the culmination of his narrative.
It was in the year 1976 that the trouble between the world and China reached its culmination.
It was during the reign of James I that the long series of sixteenth century translations of the Bible reached its culmination in what we have already called the greatest of all English books (or rather, collections of books), the King James ('Authorized') version.
He had entitled the story "Adventure," and it was the apotheosis of adventure - not of the adventure of the storybooks, but of real adventure, the savage taskmaster, awful of punishment and awful of reward, faithless and whimsical, demanding terrible patience and heartbreaking days and nights of toil, offering the blazing sunlight glory or dark death at the end of thirst and famine or of the long drag and monstrous delirium of rotting fever, through blood and sweat and stinging insects leading up by long chains of petty and ignoble contacts to royal culminations and lordly achievements.
Civilians and police authorities prevented on Wednesday night what could have been a bloody culmination program of a festival here when they foiled a bombing attempt.
He congratulated the troops on the successful culmination of the exercises conducted every four year to enhance the operational preparedness of the Air Force.
The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry, which is investigating the banking crisis in Ireland, has been told that the 2008 blanket bank guarantee was the culmination of several years of mistakes.
The Skills to Shine Summer School showcase is the culmination of a sixweek long programme working with 400 youngsters during the holidays.
I extend my greetings and best wishes to all our citizens on the joyous occasion of Id-ul-Fitr, which marks the culmination of the holy month of Ramzan.
Nanotechnology of a sustainable world; global artificial photosynthesis as nanotechnology's moral culmination.
Summary: The culmination of the third summer training programme at du saw 20 young Emiratis successfully graduated from the scheme, having gained in-depth experience.
Dr Osama Al-Bar, the Mayor of Makkah, said this development is culmination of the great attention given by the Custodian of.