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Synonyms for culminating

of or constituting a climax

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The National Rally Raid Championship will feature four events starting with February 24-25 Raid 1 in Nanyuki and culminating with the VCCCK (Vintage Club) round on the weekend of October 20-21.
After the extensive selection process, the top five teams from each category (productivity/games) will be pitching their ideas to a panel of judges in the Android Masters Culminating Night happening this October 23.
CHARLTON -- A recent "SEUSSical'' Carnival at Heritage School was the culminating celebration of a readathon that raised $10,147 for technology and student activities.
It will feature an Iron Man contest, surfing competitions, dry surf simulators, paddle-surfing workshops and street entertainers, culminating in a floodlit surf contest off the Esplanade.
WHITLEY Warriors coach Simon Leach has revealed plans which could bring more than 10,000 fans through the Hillheads doors to watch his side in November and December - culminating in their derby clash with the Northern Stars on December 19.
Summary: Milan, June 05, 2010, SPA -- The association representing Italian magistrates and state prosecutors announced Saturday a series of protests culminating in a July 1 nation-wide strike against proposed pay cuts, dpa reported.
This course, Education 590 Culminating Experience, requires the student to implement an action research plan designed through (a) the Education 500 Introduction to Inquiry course, (b) one of the two learning assessments required during student teaching, or (c) a newly-designed project not used as one of the learning assessments.
Calendar of Events 2009: A series of historical lectures culminating in a conference on 13th/14th March; GAA Schools Day - 24th April; La na gClub - 10th May; National handball championships - 15th/17th May; Gala Ulster Championship events covering allgGaelic Sports culminating in the Ulster football final; 125 themed championships incorporating Scor, ladies football and camogie; special foundation ceremony in Armagh - 1st November and a Gala Banquet, also in November.
In the course of this deftly written novel, Calliope becomes aware of some amazing family secrets and meets ancient Hellenic gods who materialize from Olympian legend and lore to compel Calliope to utilize her training in metaphysical and battle arts as part of a spiritual journey culminating in a life-and-death confrontation with her family's despised enemy.
It's almost like private sessions culminating in a professionally geared show.
He examines various units of measurement, starting with the cubit, the approximate length of a man's forearm, and culminating in the precise units of the metric system.
We had plenty of interactive group exercises, culminating in mock television interviews of the trainees filmed by a local news cameraman.
Author Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a 'Yarn Harlot' who herself is a devoted knitter: AT KNIT'S END uses opening meditations to lead into solid knitting advice ranging from tools and tricks to handling common challenges, culminating in a line or two of sage advice.
Anatomically correct illustrations by Carol Thompson and Dori Butler's straightforward narration offer simple descriptions of how reproductive organs work, what it is like for a woman to be pregnant, and the steps of childbirth, all culminating in the arrival of a new baby brother at home.
Reagan has also been deeply involved with GSAE, culminating in her presidency during 2002-2003.