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stem of plants of the Gramineae

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Only 4,000 hectares of Culm grassland remain in England--all in Devon and Cornwall, where it supports several threatened butterfly and moth species, and other rare wildlife, including otters and dormice.
Aging of a bamboo culm affects physical, chemical, and mechanical properties.
grandiglumis in Costa Rica may reach up to 760 cm in length, the product of culm elongation due to changes in water level.
Culm length (cm) and leaf length (cm) and width (mm) in the amphiploid hybrid were significantly (P < 0.
He looked at bamboo as a high-tech material for commercial furniture beyond the Colonial Tradition, where the entire, round culm is used.
When the flowering process is about to initiate, individuals stop producing new shoots and, also, every culm becomes brittle and unhealthy.
A culm starts life as big around as it will ever be--a new shoot emerges at full diameter, which for some tropical bamboos may be five inches or more.
Calculated annually by EIA by dividing the sum of the heat content of coal (including anthracite culm and waste coal) consumption by the total tonnage.
They are clumpers, having short, thick rhizomes at the base of each culm, and so do not present the containment challenges of runners.
Two varieties were reported with primary culm heights of 2 to 3 m (robust green foxtails: Setaria viridis var.
Woven strips of bamboo matting cover the walls and small sections of culm of the appropriate size and shape are used as tiles to cover and waterproof roofs.
culm at a coal pit--shapeless grotesques blotting the
One to 12 spikelet clusters are attached to each flowering culm.
The global coal mining industry involves all types of mining, may it be underground mining, strip mining, culm bank mining and any other type of surface mining.