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stem of plants of the Gramineae

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The variation of the fiber volume fraction and microstructure across transversal section of the bamboo culm were studied.
Harms (1926) was also the first to notice the gradual decrease in the bay area due to the westward expansion of the reed culms and the reed colonization in the closed bays, particularly in the northeastern part of Matsalu Bay.
posticata lays its eggs on the sheath of the leaves and its nymphs feed on the surface of the culm (Mendonca et al.
1653 713 937 Cereal culm 8 2 12 internode Cereal culm node 7 - 6 Cereal embryo 130 23 19 Lens culinaris 84 10 2029 Medik.
present in the epidermis of leaf sheath and culm and, rarely, in other
Their recognition and support for an environmentally friendly culm and silt conversion process into a clean diesel fuel is both timely and welcomed," he said.
By Petoski out of the good winning mare Culm Valley, Atoski cost 11,000gns as a four-year-old and finished second and fourth in his only two runs last year.
The nation's first proposed facility to convert coal waste or culm and silt to a clean diesel-like liquid fuel moved a step closer to reality this week when authorization for the U.
PEI plans to convert the facility from burning anthracite culm to environmentally friendly natural gas.
Robinson, busy throughout, was then alert to thrust out an arm to beat out a Kyrgiakos nimg header from Gerrard's corn better save thwarted the Li 20-yard drive that culm counter-attack following corner.
3) They identified management strategies with the potential to allow for both shoot and culm production under seasonally dry conditions, including strategic irrigation and thinning regimes.
GetIn Touch GARY Martin , who * used to live in Palace Road, Small Heath, wants to contact old friends Ernie Mytton, John Culm and Ann Miwshull.
A glance through the index will give an instant snapshot of the range of topics introduced: Argentina, asses, bacaigh, bicycles, blindness, William Bulfinch, collops, cousin marriage, culm, degeneracy, diet, dispensaries, endowed schools, hair, ladies' maids, Lady Dudley, language for animals, living standards, magdalen asylums, maternal mortality, night-lodgers, prison workers, smallpox, "sweating," turf, Ursuline sisters, water (although the index misses the very interesting discussion of meitheal, 8-9).
David Culm, from Derby, believes the drug should be prescribed by doctors in a bid to put drug dealers out of business and criminals out of the frame.