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Synonyms for cull

Synonyms for cull

to make a choice from a number of alternatives

to collect (something) bit by bit

Synonyms for cull

the person or thing that is rejected or set aside as inferior in quality


remove something that has been rejected

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Ministers said culling was a necessary part of the strategy to curb TB in livestock, but "no one wants to be culling badgers forever", as they unveiled the independent review by Sir Charles Godfray, a Fellow of the Royal Society.
It is believed that marksmen have already begun culling up to 764 badgers in the county.
As many as 70,000 chickens at a farm owned by Manuel Ortiz-Luis were scheduled for culling on Sunday.
And now the Welsh Government has announced it intends to trap and test badgers on farms with persistent TB problems, culling those which test positive.
But opponents say the culling is inhumane and ineffective while Queen guitarist Brian May has asked for it to stop while he seeks a judicial review.
Also in 2013, parts of the spending were payment for a company that performed the culling - $51,909; in 2011 the payment for the company was $116,578.
Speaking from a constructed stage Birmingham Yardley MP John Hemming said: "While I do have every sympathy for farmers culling badgers it is not the solution.
An online petition against culling has gathered 300,000 signatures (the biggest response since government e-petitions were launched) and former Queen guitarist Brian May led a 1,000-strong march through London to hand the petition in to Downing Street.
The marksmen have, unsurprisingly, missed their targets to remove 70% of badgers in the culling areas.
If the culls - delayed last year by bad weather, the need for police to focus on the Olympics and new information on badger numbers - are judged to be effective and humane, culling could be rolled out across TB "hotspot" areas.
Scientific evidence also suggests that culling will not be beneficial.
Environment Secretary Owen Paterson told MPs that culling was originally delayed by the Olympics and legal proceedings, and now by bad weather and the news that there were more badgers in the cull areas than previously estimated.
Bovine TB is a big problem, but local culling of one of our muchloved native animals is not the answer.
All the facts state that culling will not reduce TB and famers will be forced to pay twice for this cull - once for the cull and again for its failure.