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Synonyms for cull

Synonyms for cull

to make a choice from a number of alternatives

to collect (something) bit by bit

Synonyms for cull

the person or thing that is rejected or set aside as inferior in quality


remove something that has been rejected

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Both Culler and Greenebaum mention construction as competitive, and Culler says construction tends to lead the way for other casualty lines.
Hiervolgens word die kulturele kodes geidentifiseer waarop tekste rugsteun, aldus Culler (84).
Culler, Jonathan, (1983), On Deconstruction: The theory and criticism after structuralism.
This view is partially supported by the fact that several occupations or occupational situations, such as medical residency (Bazzoli & Culler, 1986; Buch & Swanson, 1986; Culler & Bazzoli, 1985; Moss, 1985), teaching (Betts, 2004; Divoky, 1978a,b; Guthrie, 1969; Turner, 1962; Wisniewski & Hilty, 1987) and police work (Hung, 1995; Miller, Presley & Sniderman, 1973) have been found to have much higher moonlighting rates than the general public.
The semiotician courts banality," Culler has written, "because he is committed to studying meanings already known or attested within a culture in the hope of formulating the conventions that members of that culture are following" (99).
A cognitive reappraisal of apostrophe might begin by noting that, pace Culler, apostrophes are not invariably embarrassing, or at the very least do not always embarrass to the same degree.
Culler, Muller, and their colleagues, including Paul R.
What we are trying to do is provide better services to the public by protecting rights and pursuing justice and promoting professionalism," Culler said.
Eugene Culler announced retirement from Goodyear after 38 years of service, most recently as executive vice president of North American Tire.
She also includes the ancillary and related work of Fisch, Derrida, Culler, and others in the poststructural arena, as well as feminism and Marxism, and works out a useful schema that sorts out approaches in terms of a spectrum ranging from subjective to objective.
Culler (1974) writes that "one might postulate that the Tentation was designed to be exasperating and incomprehensible, `un livre sur rien,' in that all these phantoms and temptations amount, finally, to nothing" (p.
As the company gets bigger, ideas to drive the innovation and growth have to percolate up from within the ranks and the CEO becomes much more of a filter and culler of ideas, while in the beginning, an entrepreneur needs to see through the amorphous fog and see the outlines of the initial ideas himself.
Jonathan Culler advances similar arguments in some of his early writings.
Allen finds other guiding lights among some of today's literary critics, like Harold Bloom, Jonathan Culler, David Bleich, Norman Holland and, particularly it seems, Stanley Fish.
The federal government should "be content to hire competent people, not the best," wrote Terry W Culler on the op-ed page of The Wall Street Journal, while "the brightest and most talented people should work in the pi-ivate sector.