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Synonyms for cull

Synonyms for cull

to make a choice from a number of alternatives

to collect (something) bit by bit

Synonyms for cull

the person or thing that is rejected or set aside as inferior in quality


remove something that has been rejected

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The two four-year pilot culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire should be completed using the "tried and tested" method of trapping the badgers in cages and then shooting them, the BVA urged.
The culls must be allowed to run for their full four years so the maximum disease control benefits can be achieved.
On May 14, the controversial ACT kangaroo cull restarted as overseen by Territory and Municipal Services.
The first badger cull in 15 years began in South West England in September which means that around 5,000 badgers will be shot in Somerset and Gloucestershire.
Government ministers and the National Farmers Union claimed the cull would curb the disease but protesters said it would have no effect.
The RSPCA said while the culls may Antoinette Sandbach AM not result in the total eradication of badgers in England as a whole, it was possible in certain areas within the cull zones the loss could be total.
Immediately prior to the start of the two pilots, extensive hair trapping took place in both areas to provide a robust and up to date estimate of the badger population within the two cull areas.
The guitarist, 65, joined animal welfare supporters on a march through Westminster to protest against the cull, which started in two bovine TB hotspots yesterday.
THOUSANDS of people decked in black-and-white clothing have marched on Westminster in protest at a planned badger cull.
THE government has announced that the badger cull will go ahead, and it is likely to start on June 1.
Summary: Controversial Government plans to cull thousands of badgers are set to be delayed amid questions over the cost and effectiveness of the scheme.
As we all know, pounds 50m was spent on killing thousands of badgers in a scientific cull.
The Gloucester Wildlife Trust has been vaccinating badgers against bovine truberculosis to provide a practical demonstration of an alternative to a cull being proposed by government.
Obviously, biologists have and will continue the debate over whether to cull "inferior" bucks.