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type genus of the Culicidae: widespread genus of mosquitoes distinguished by holding the body parallel to the resting surface

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Culex mosquitoes collected from underground parking lots laid autogenous egg rafts in 11 cages, and the adults were identified as Cx.
This work indicates an overselection of robins by the Culex mosquitoes and also notes that the virus is more prevalent during the period at the end of the summer when robins roost in large groups.
A portable battery-operated trap for collecting gravid Culex mosquitoes.
These results support other trials which have been done with Aquatain AMF on aedes mosquitoes (dengue fever carriers) and culex mosquitoes (West Nile Virus carriers).
9) An interesting feature of the WN02 genotype is its enhanced ability to replicate and disseminate in Culex mosquitoes.
PCR assay identifies Culex nigripalpus: part of an assay for molecular identification of the common Culex mosquitoes of the eastern United States.
Even so, adult Culex mosquitoes are relatively more tolerant than other types of mosquitoes against most insecticide applications, making adulticidal control of Culex rather ineffectivei Generally larviciding programmes, with high costs of chemicals, equipment and labour, are uneconomical and unsustainable against Culex vectors of W.
But last week state public health experts reported that traps throughout Massachusetts have caught higher than usual numbers of culex mosquitoes, the kind that normally carry the West Nile virus early in the chain of potential mosquito-bird-human transmission.
Of these, 64% were made up of Culex mosquitoes, and "control of Culex mosquitoes remains critical to reducing risk for human WNV disease," the CDC said.
The $295 Mosquito Magnet Defender or $495 Mosquito Magnet Liberty by American Biophysics are more effective, although Consumer Reports tests showed them to have only moderate success against Culex mosquitoes.
The institute breeds aedes, anopheles and culex mosquitoes used in research toward development of repellents, drugs and vaccines to protect service members from such diseases as dengue fever, malaria and encephalitis.
Gainesville scientists are testing the effectiveness of the baculovirus on Culex mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus in the Northeast.
CDC officials believe this raises the possibility that the virus survived the winter and that the late-summer emerging Culex mosquitoes could still be infected.