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a smut fungus attacking Indian corn

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2014), Politicas para la produccion de Cuitlacoche (Ustilago Maydis) en invernadero.
Cuitlacoche is a fungus that attacks ears of corn and makes the kernels swell to 10 times their normal size.
As always, the meal took off with several appetizers, which on this day were spinach salad with goat cheese, cuitlacoche quiche and an order of three ceviches (octopus, fish and shrimp).
In Mexico, even the very common parasitic fungus maize smut (Ustilago maydis) was eaten as a delicacy, even though its Nahuatl name, cuitlacoche, means "sleeping excrement.
Castaneda's wife, Hortensia, oversees the kitchen and menu, which draws on family recipes for such specialties as sopa de tortilla garnished with chicharron (pork crackling) and dark, dried chilies; pollo al mole (chicken in Puebla-style chocolate sauce); and quesadillas de cuitlacoche (tortillas stuffed with blue corn mold).
Aunque regreso el Presidente para asistir a una cena privada en la que, logico, no sirvieron tacos de moronga ni quesadillas de cuitlacoche.