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medieval body armor that covers the chest and back

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2001): "Costume as geographic indicator: barbarians and prisoners on cuirassed breastplates".
The importance of Kitaj's gesture for the student who beats his head against the brick wall is adapted from the helmeted and cuirassed man involved in the same activity in the left foreground of Pieter Brueghel the Elder's The Netherlandish Proverbs.
13, above) are statues of Augustus (S-1116), Caesar/Claudius (S-1089), Nero (S-1088), Antoninus Pius (S-1081), an unidentified heroic nude (S-1052), and an unidentified cuirassed figure (S-1125).
Lily had never seen her when she was not cuirassed in shining black, with small tight boots, and an air of being packed and ready to start; yet she never started" (p.
Note also the left-hand cuirassed figure of Drusus the Younger (?