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medieval body armor that covers the chest and back

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They range from the examination and conservation of a Roman leather cuirass to the experimental exploration of the ancient "soundscape" at Karanis.
it came to dominate his whole outward personality" as "he offered the world a front of pomposity mitigated by indiscretion that was as hard, bright and antiquated as a cuirass.
Fontana's Borghese Minerva Dressing contains the traditional attributes associated with the clothed goddess--including an olive branch or tree, an owl, and military attire with a cuirass or coat of mail, a gorget, a helmet, a shield, and a lance.
Among a new collection of artefacts to mark the era-changing conflict's 200th anniversary is the chilling sight of a French fighter's metal cuirass holed front and back by a single cannonball.
Her vivid rendering in this passage would have called immediately to the mind of Woolf's reader the Full Dress Mounted Review Order worn by Officers of the Life Guards, comprised of a red tunic stitched with "gold lace" detail at the cuffs, collar, and tail; a red cloak, trimmed with gold detail, worn during inclement weather; a gold belt and gold sling; a brass "Albert" helmet; a steel cuirass, plated with brass; and a ceremonial steel sword, its bowl decorated with brass regimental insignia.
This is the result: the more Leonia expels goods, the more it accumulates them; the scales of its past are soldered into a cuirass that cannot be removed.
Egyptian monuments, notably the Medinet Habu "sea battle" reliefs, portray them dressed in a cuirass of overlapping metal or leather bands, wearing a horned helmet (often with a spiked disk on top), carrying a round shield and brandishing a long rapier-like sword (see illustration).
That becomes clear from the occurrence of drums, and a type of cuirass not used in the western highlands, from the small reed aprons, one in front, one behind, that were the main items of female dress, the occurrence of objects resembling small shields that were nevertheless used for ritual purposes, and of painted house boards on those men's houses that were deemed sacred.
291: Jos van van Beurden 'A Disputed Cuirass: Italy versus the Netherland's National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden' (2006) 18 Culture without Context; Steph Scholten 'An Ethical Dilemma: A Disputed Cuirass in Leiden's National Museum of Antiquities' (Jan.
The chapter on the L'homme arme masses is accompanied by a rich array of contemporary documents (many of which are cited in their full length in appendix 1) that carefully and circumstantially attempt to support a Christological interpretation of the "armed man," according to which the weapons, the cuirass, and the armor in general are seen and construed as allegorical metaphors of a spiritual battle against the Devil with all his customary paraphernalia of' assorted temptations.
The sculpture, his official portrait, portrays Verus as handsome and robust, wearing a tunic, military cuirass, and cloak.
He added that using a cuirass, a ventilation device named after a piece of medieval armour, which compresses the diaphragm and makes it easier to breathe liquid.
Where the shield was absent, especially throughout the Border Mountains, the cuirass (rattan body armour) was used for protection (Tiesler 1984).
Public indignation meets a cuirass of divided responsibility that scatters a shock which would have stretched iniquity prone.
Next, there is Elfride's fashionable, lightly-boned cuirass bodice.