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medieval body armor that covers the chest and back

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In one relief on the railing that wraps around Stupa 2 at the same site, a rampant lion is shown resisting the attack of a warrior dressed in a Phrygian cap, a cuirass, and boots.
Among a new collection of artefacts to mark the era-changing conflict's 200th anniversary is the chilling sight of a French fighter's metal cuirass holed front and back by a single cannonball.
This is the result: the more Leonia expels goods, the more it accumulates them; the scales of its past are soldered into a cuirass that cannot be removed.
Egyptian monuments, notably the Medinet Habu "sea battle" reliefs, portray them dressed in a cuirass of overlapping metal or leather bands, wearing a horned helmet (often with a spiked disk on top), carrying a round shield and brandishing a long rapier-like sword (see illustration).
Interestingly, when this figure was translated for placement in the pommel niche, the trophy of arms, a muscled Greco-Roman cuirass carried on a staff, is was exchanged for an undulating banner.
The chapter on the L'homme arme masses is accompanied by a rich array of contemporary documents (many of which are cited in their full length in appendix 1) that carefully and circumstantially attempt to support a Christological interpretation of the "armed man," according to which the weapons, the cuirass, and the armor in general are seen and construed as allegorical metaphors of a spiritual battle against the Devil with all his customary paraphernalia of' assorted temptations.
The sculpture, his official portrait, portrays Verus as handsome and robust, wearing a tunic, military cuirass, and cloak.
He added that using a cuirass, a ventilation device named after a piece of medieval armour, which compresses the diaphragm and makes it easier to breathe liquid.
Many of the finds were dispersed soon after their discovery so that this is probably the first time since their discovery that the Celtic helmet--loaned from Berlin's Antikensammlung--has been reunited with the cuirass now located in the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg.
Where the shield was absent, especially throughout the Border Mountains, the cuirass (rattan body armour) was used for protection (Tiesler 1984).
But in the end it is the transfigurative Baroque conceits used to disguise physical clumsiness--wig, cuirass, military and mythological attributes, and equestrian arrogance--that orchestrate the centrality of monarchy.
8) is characterized by sinewy ridges that extend in almost straight lines towards the groin and which protrude beyond the surface of the enclosed abdominal area--somewhat reminiscent of the "New York" kouros above--and not by a smoothly moulded and protuberant cuirass or carapace, whose lower portion has an almost semicircular contour and uniform protrusion.
Public indignation meets a cuirass of divided responsibility that scatters a shock which would have stretched iniquity prone.
Next, there is Elfride's fashionable, lightly-boned cuirass bodice.
Muscled cuirass, front and back plates secured at the side by leather straps, most commonly worn by Roman officers.