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jewelry consisting of one of a pair of linked buttons used to fasten the cuffs of a shirt

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CuffloCs are cufflinks that are customizable lockets allowing individuals to change their look for any occasion.
Through sole devotion to selling cufflinks, customers are guaranteed an expert service that can cater to every need.
Among the newly launched products are the Middle East's first 'smart' cufflinks, bracelet and interactive wallet, using leather, gemstones and gold.
While novelty neckties are perceived as tacky and unprofessional, it is very acceptable and fashionable to show unique cufflink designs.
Meanwhile, chairman David Gold is offering a pounds 500 reward for the return of one of his 'lucky' cufflinks.
In his agitation he was rubbing the cufflink on his left wrist, a familiar sight to 'royal soap' watchers.
The butterfly wings used in the cufflink making process come from the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Garden, located in Padre Cocha Iquitos, Peru.
6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Cufflink Productions has begun production of a pulse-pounding psychological thriller in the horror genre.
Tie Rack has a range of cufflink designs from classic to contemporary which are priced from pounds 9.
Beautifully made in Great Britain, each cufflink features five individual marks: an exclusive maker's mark, a sterling silver authenticity mark, the assay office symbol, the year of manufacture and the millennium hallmark itself.
WHEN a single cufflink was stolen from a jeweller's, police had a good idea who they were looking for.
The heyday for the cufflink was the 1960s, when one manufacturer alone was making 12 million a year, but some men still like them, especially with more formal dress shirts.