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sports implement consisting of a tapering rod used to strike a cue ball in pool or billiards

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The Tank Cue Stick Holder's proprietary features enable it to prevent potentially costly damage to pool cues.
While pool is a game often played in public venues, you can hear the crack of the cue stick hitting the ball in the "great rooms" or family rooms of suburbia such as the Sterling home of Marianne and David Plourde, where renovations are under way to provide a suitable space for pool-playing.
After sinking the 10-ball in the title-clinching 17th rack, Amit raised her cue stick in jubilation then got a congratulatory hug from Fisher as the confetti fell and fans roared for their sporting legend.
With just two more balls to go, he lined up for the shot but backed off and headed to clean his cue stick.
Apart from this, he is also known for being a trick DJ, who performs tricks like lighting records on fire and scratching using a cue stick.
The LaserQ is a specialized pool cue stick featuring a laser sighting device.
When we first came out here, nobody even owned their own cue stick,'' recalled his wife, Marge.
Players may set up and aim with outstanding accuracy by moving the cue tip for follow, draw, english and spin shots, or raise the cue stick for curves and masse shots.
The chalk is rubbed on the end of the cue stick to keep it from slipping off the cue ball.
InterAct's PoolShark, the first product to incorporate Real Feel technology, is also the first and only game controller that lets gamers play PC Pool Games with a real cue stick.
Minnesota Fats, the pool shark who blustered his way out of smoky barrooms to become the most famous player ever to pick up a cue stick, died Thursday.
The InterAct PoolShark included in the Player's Pack is the first and only controller that lets you play PC Pool Games with a real cue stick.
Using the PoolShark controller and included cue stick - or a player's own real cue stick - the action is so true to life that it can actually help players hone skills used in real play.
To further add to the realism of the game, Psygnosis has teamed up with InterAct Accessories, developers of the PoolShark(TM) controller, a revolutionary device that allows you to play Expert Pool using a real cue stick.
Coming to the PlayStation game console and the PC, "Ultimate 8 Ball" will offer intense competition and one of the finest selections of billiards game play since the cue stick was invented.