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the ball that the billiard player or pool player strikes with his cue

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With the cue ball now angled in the jaws of the pocket his attempt to hit the black failed and the seven-point penalty was enough to clinch the Seasiders the frame 59-58.
When my partners and I founded MiniLuxe, we had a vision to transform an industry C to 'Starbuck' the nail salon C and this is just one more step towards that goal," said Tony Tjan, CEO of Cue Ball and Chairman of MiniLuxe.
He was so well known in the 80s that he appeared in a Carling Black Label advert, crushing a cue ball to dust in his hands.
However, the teenager failed to find his rhythm and had problems with cue ball positioning often enough to allow Al Shamsy a smooth ride into the last 32 stage, which gets underway tonight at the same venue.
The cue ball, with a dart attached, is on the rail, teed up on a piece of chalk.
Other exclusions sought by the Ferguson camp: video of a rolling cue ball that allegedly illustrates unlevel floors in the home, another lawsuit filed by a west Little Rock homeowner alleging workmanship issues against Ferguson and certain financial information and dealings between the Wortmans and Ferguson that include the home construction contract and other transactions.
The 33-year-old then potted the cue ball going for a red but Ding jawed a long shot from baulk and Fu held his nerve to sink a difficult pink to the middle on his way to an 80 break to claim the third.
After the break Armitage made a 33 and Peaker 25, but then came the decisive visit when the Marsh man produced the night's top break of 71, the bulk of the points coming from potting the red off its spot, and cleverly working the cue ball down the table when the red ball was moved to the blue spot.
Mabry was fascinated by what happens after your opponent accidentally sinks the white cue ball in 8-ball pool.
What name is given to the position in snooker when the cue ball is blocked from a normal cueing action by another ball?
Skill shots require a good stroke that makes the cue ball whirl around the table.
Handed a second chance, Maguire missed the green and then watched as Swail potted the brown only for the cue ball to knock in the pink.
Common sense--and basic physics laws--tells Austin that when he hits the cue ball with his pool stick, the ball will roll forward.
As we entitle one key-frame "hitting the cue ball" because it is the frame most closely related in the sequence of this video event when cue ball 1 is about to hit cue ball 2, with the spatio-temporal descriptors of approach (cue ball 1, cue ball 2), and the dominant color of (cue ball [right arrow] White, object ball [right arrow] red), the frame of "hitting object ball" is represented as approach (cue ball 2, object ball), with the dominant color of (cue ball [right arrow] white, object ball [right arrow] red).