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Synonyms for cudgel

Synonyms for cudgel

a club that is used as a weapon

strike with a cudgel


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The trapper kicked and cudgelled, but to every blow and kick the mule snorted and kicked up, but still refused to budge an inch.
I cudgelled my brains to find some possible explanation.
I cudgelled my brains until I fell asleep in the endeavor to find some explanation which would cover all these facts.
But just as the wedding was going to be solemnized, old Mr Fox stirred under the bench, and cudgelled all the rabble, and drove them and Mrs Fox out of the house.
The very letter of that last interview was cut deep in my heart; not a sleepless night had I passed without rehearsing it word for word and look for look; and sometimes, when sorrow had spent itself, and the heart could bleed no more, vain grief had given place to vainer speculation, and I had cudgelled my wakeful brains for the meaning of the new and subtle horror which I had read in my darling's eyes at the last.