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Synonyms for cuddly

Synonyms for cuddly

inviting cuddling or hugging


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Princess Charlotte of Cambridge plays with a cuddly toy dog at home earlier this month
The cuddly toy is black and white and wearing a pink collar and lead.
Daniel Bell, five, pupil, from Gateshead, said: "I want a teddy bear because I like them and because they're cuddly.
And as every child knows, you'd get the cuddly toy if you could just have one more go.
I was saying just that the other night to my cuddly elephant, Elliott.
Caroline explained: "Evolution and genetic mutation can be quite complex so I decided to use the toy orangs to help the children fully engage with what I was saying and they were really keen to join in with the cuddly orang utan fun.
This cuddly warren of toy rabbits has hopped into the fold as a part of the boys and girls christening outfit Easter Collections.
She loves everything giant panda and has just about every size of cuddly toy panda you could imagine.
Today you have a choice between a super Wenlock pen and keyring gift set or a Wenlock collectable cuddly toy.
Piglets" is a beginning leveled reader book about piglets from the "Cute and Cuddly Baby Animals" series for young children preschool to kindergarten.
Whether it's allowing your house rabbit out to nibble on the lawn, lounging in the garden with your cat or taking the dog for long walks, just remember that other, less cuddly, creatures enjoy the warmer weather too.
This beautifully illustrated book for preschoolers touches on a creature very close and cuddly to most young hearts, their teddy bears.
POOR little Mark Owen, the cute, cuddly one from Take That.
And we will definitely be snapping up this cuddly version, available for the first time this Christmas.
A description that immediately conjured up a vision of a round squat cuddly person with a hanky in her hand ready to spit on to wipe a child's mouth before she plants a soppy wet kiss on it.