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Synonyms for cuddling

affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)

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There are different kinds of cuddling positions, but I typically always start out spooning and I am pretty small, so usually I'm the little spoon.
It's happy music,'' declared Mary Jordon of Granada Hills, cuddling up to her husband, Byron, during ``Cuddle Up a Little Closer.
KISSING and cuddling children may help them become well-adjusted stress-free adults.
Something has gone awry when teams feel (or have been told) that they need a 'cuddling policy' and are actively discouraged from cuddling young children.
A WOMAN earns up to PS360 a day cuddling men on her sofa or bed as the UK's first professional snuggler.
But the intimacy that comes with cuddling may help boost your bedroom acts, as the study also showed that those who cuddled the most tended to report having better sex lives.
Never use cuddling to restrain your child forcibly, but cuddle him gently while he calms down.
New York, Oct 3 ( ANI ): A woman from Penfield, New York, is offering customers an hour of cuddling for 60 dollars, it has been revealed.
At the start, I made sure to tell everyone I am a bit strange about cuddling.
A few weeks later the fan sent Pitino a letter explaining that he took the coach's advice, but that after 30 minutes of cuddling he couldn't resist the urge to pop in a game tape.
It's a shame it was somebody else's baby he was cuddling.
London, Apr 17 ( ANI ): Victoria Beckham was spotted cuddling up to her sleepy seven-year-old sports fan son Cruz at a hockey game on Sunday, just hours after his loving embrace with dad David at the Lakers game earlier in the day.
An onlooker said: "They spent the afternoon cuddling and kissing.
London, Nov 4 (ANI): Men are the keenest on night-time cuddling while almost a third of British women claim they can't bear it, a new study has found.
Cuddling can reduce heart disease, cut stress and promote long life.