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Synonyms for cuddly

Synonyms for cuddly

inviting cuddling or hugging


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The average Brit hugs 825 times a year - with Wales being the cuddliest region, hugging around 1,062 times a year.
He has the softest blankets, the cuddliest teddies, the bleepiest toys and the shiniest books.
Lord Mandelson may not be the cuddliest of ministers in the Gover nment, but he is one of the most effective and he knows his way around European politics like few others.
That's the pop prize offer from Preview and the cuddliest band in the charts.
We want to find the cutest, cuddliest, liveliest pet in the area so if you think your pet has what it takes, then why not enter the Birmingham Mail's Pet Idol?
Above, cuddle a koala, one of Australia's cuddliest marsupials at the Koala Park Sanctuary in Sydney, at the Savannah Walkabout in Melbourne, at the Nambung National Park in Perth, at the Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane or at the Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island in Adelaide; top left, harvesting grapes in the Hunter Valley near Sydney.
He's the sweetest, cuddliest little man, and he took a bit of a shine to me,'' said Winslet.
The huggable 22-inch Elmo plush has flexible arms and a soft head making it Hasbro's largest, cuddliest, most lifelike Elmo plush ever.
Johnny Depp pops up as the world's cuddliest Irish gypsy in a sticky fairytale that's as hard to swallow as a toffee apple.
Sally is one of the biggest and cuddliest cats at the shelter.
THE Church of England is often portrayed as the cuddliest of the sects, all jolly hymns and cake sales rather than fire and brimstone.
JUST two weeks ago, Sandro Rosell, the president of football's cuddliest club, Barcelona, was addressing the International Football Arena Conference in Zurich from a lofty spiritual plain.
The world's cuddliest daredevil continues to push himself to the limit and try his hand at challenges that even Peter Duncan in his heyday would have shied away from.
It's not been a good week for two of our cuddliest, best-loved comedians.