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Synonyms for cuddly

Synonyms for cuddly

inviting cuddling or hugging


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On All in the Family, the crusty old bigot played by Carroll O'Connor became cuddlier and less offensive, and in some episodes it was his son-in-law who came off as the greater fool.
Summary: It's that time of year, when films get cuddlier and cuter to pull in the children who have time off school, Ice Age 3 is no exception.
In 1906 the bear toy really was refashioned by the Michtom enterprise with its production of a cuddlier and more infantile version.
MESSAGE: Liverpool's World Museum assistant aquarist Rachel Ball supports European Shark Week as she starts cleaning one of the huge fish tanks; REAL BITE: Rachel Ball supports Shark Week with a little help from a cuddlier member of the species; CURIOSITY: This Small Eyed Ray gets curious as Rachel Ball starts the task of getting the fish tank ship shape Pictures: EDDIE BARFORD
Many of them are older animals who have been cast aside by families to make way for cuter kittens and cuddlier puppies who have been given to children on Christmas Day.
They starred two costumed figures--one large, yellowish, glowing of eye, and looking like a furry cross between a squid and Sasquatch; the other smaller, cuddlier, and bearlike.
My middle class, and yes, I'll admit it, somewhat snobbish mind (for which I apologise) couldn't get it - children being fed rubbish but not overweight while my youngest brought up on the healthiest options is what I'd call gorgeously cuddly (meaning ever so slightly a little bit cuddlier in places than she ought to be).
I would prefer to be a little dog because they are cuter and cuddlier than big dogs and I think I would be more likable if I was a little dog.
But Korea's tourism authority wants to attract a kinder, cuddlier breed of tourists by building an observatory tower overlooking the DMZ for bird and animal watching.
Volkswagen "Thing": The 1970s' smaller, cuddlier version of today's Hummer.
Films don't get much cuddlier - despite the title - than Ice Age.
All those vegetarian dinosaurs in both "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World" come across cuddlier than our purple friend Barney, and it's only those nasty carnivores--like the raptors and T-rexes--that pose any real danger.
NEW YORK -- Move over percale, the new sheet on the block is softer and cuddlier, and as familiar to the American public as its favorite piece of apparel -- the T-shirt.
By presenting himself as a softer and cuddlier version of Gingrich and Dole, the President has taken the Republican 1994 mandate and turned it into his own.