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Synonyms for cuddlesome

inviting cuddling or hugging


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Straw is one of two ex-Home Secretaries on the current fivemember Commission, whose personnel and wholly restrictive terms of reference make it about as warm and cuddlesome to FoI supporters as a porcupine.
A recent exhibit at the Deschler Gallery on the Auguststrasse in Berlin sent out a clear message: Forget your dated, cozy German cliches, the Old World universe of polka parties, Hummel figurines, and cuddlesome kitsch.
In this melange of utterly interactive marketeering, cuddlesome characters on skateboards represent "next generation advancement.
Romans 11) Ford makes a cuddlesome case for God's goodness, but seems to be deaf to dark realities such as the Stalinist and Nazi holocausts and now the cancerous consumerist totalitarianism of the American empire.
But one day a Customs man had the temerity to suggest that the cuddlesome moggy in the cabin bore a striking resemblance to a baby jaguar.
GEARED UP: Suited to the job; ARMLESS FUN: Cuddlesome comfort; THE SHINING EXAMPLE: It's work and play; DRY WIT: Shoe brolly
Suddenly they began to grow upwards instead of outwards: cuddlesome spare tyres and extra chins vanished as if by magic and two tall well-proportioned and pin-thin men emerged.
Terrifying ogre, cuddlesome pet, crazy mixed up kid, innocent, loyal friend, self-sacrificing martyr all rolled into one.
What begins life as a cuddlesome bundle of fur ends up as a snarling mass of fangs and claws.