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Synonyms for cuddle

Synonyms for cuddle

to touch or stroke affectionately

to lie or press close together, usually with another person or thing

Synonyms for cuddle

a close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace

move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

hold (a person or thing) close, as for affection, comfort, or warmth

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Cuddles, by Joseph Wilde, opens at mac in Cannon Hill Park on April 29 before moving on to Brighton, London and Manchester and then New York for a month as part of its Brits Off Broadway Festival.
The prosecution alleged Turnbull paid the boy a lot of attention and gave him sweets and cuddles.
HEARTED Geordies have rallied to calls to cuddle homeless feral kittens.
The 34-year-old Ireland lock added: "I know it can be intimidating when you first meet your little one, but spending some time learning what cuddles work best will help increase your confidence.
Samuel has also taken on an associate, Colleen, who has not yet performed cuddles on her own, but the two have had "double cuddle" sessions with clients.
Call it what you like - a mother's devotion, tender loving care or plain old cuddles.
A RABBIT called Cuddles has been crowned the winner of the Echo 2010 Pet Idol competition.
If she doesn't and finds it difficult or embarrassing because she is not used to it, don't make a big thing of it, make sure you spend plenty of quality time with her, playing and having fun, and you can incorporate kisses and cuddles into your play.
THE CHARITY, Cuddles (Care Understanding Devotion to Duty for Lives Extremely Small) was established in 1984 and aims to support the Special Care Baby Unit, (SCBU), in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.
Recommendation Sell A Schleck Milky Bar Kid performance 1pt at 11 Sporting Index Sell C Evans Cuddles performance 1pt at 5 Sporting Index Sporting Index - A Schleck (Milky Bar Kid): 11-15; C Evans (Cuddles): 5-7.
My husband is now doing daddy daycare while I go to work and I've not been allowed any cuddles or storytime.
ENGLAND soccer idol David Beckham enjoys a wife on the ocean wave as he cuddles up to Posh on a luxury yacht in the Med.
She took with her Cuddles, her faithful old poodle who had been her pet for 14 years.
2) Daviann Mitchell cuddles with her Rotweilers Trix, left, and Smoochy.