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Synonyms for cuddle

Synonyms for cuddle

to touch or stroke affectionately

to lie or press close together, usually with another person or thing

Synonyms for cuddle

a close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace

move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

hold (a person or thing) close, as for affection, comfort, or warmth

References in classic literature ?
But Jerry, at that moment, lay cuddled beside Villa Kennan's sleeping-cot on the slant deck of the Ariel, as that trim craft, the Shortlands astern and New Guinea dead ahead, heeled her scuppers a-whisper and garrulous to the sea-welter alongside as she logged her eleven knots under the press of the freshening trades.
Tom was full of sympathy, but did n't know how to show it; so he sat shaking up the camphor bottle, and trying to think of something proper and comfortable to say, when Fanny came to the rescue, and cuddled Polly in her arms, with soothing little pats and whispers and kisses, till the tears stopped, and Polly said, she "did n't mean to, and would n't any more.
Uncle Henry smiled and cuddled his little niece close in his lap.
235-253) Now when the Son of Zeus and Maia saw Apollo in a rage about his cattle, he snuggled down in his fragrant swaddling-clothes; and as wood-ash covers over the deep embers of tree-stumps, so Hermes cuddled himself up when he saw the Far- Shooter.
Then he edged a bit nearer, craning his neck to have a better look at the thing which Teeka cuddled.
The younger one cuddled down with her head in her sister's lap.
Well, Rebecca listened to Pitt, she talked to him, she sang to him, she coaxed him, and cuddled him, so that he found himself more and more glad every day to get back from the lawyer's at Gray's Inn, to the blazing fire in Curzon Street--a gladness in which the men of law likewise participated, for Pitt's harangues were of the longest- -and so that when he went away he felt quite a pang at departing.
They had a secret meeting and they cuddled, then kissed, Miss Mallett said, but she warned him not to tell anyone.
Kitty, of Ramsgate, Kent, said: "People think it weird to want to be cuddled if it's not sexual.
99 pounds, allows the user to wrap themselves in the nook of an arm and be cuddled to sleep, and would be "a great gift for a friend or relative with a good sense of humour that would love to have a little more cuddling at night.
But after two hours of being spoken to and cuddled, Jamie showed signs of life.
After two hours of being spoken to lovingly, caressed and cuddled he showed signs of life - and after she fed him breast milk on her finger, he began breathing.
WHAT might feel awkward to you won't always feel awkward to your daughter as children love to be cuddled and spoilt.
Summary: Baby RB's mother has told how she cuddled him with his father as they switched off his life support system.
One onlooker told The People: "David tenderly held Victoria and cuddled her openly.