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Synonyms for cud

food of a ruminant regurgitated to be chewed again

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a wad of something chewable as tobacco

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The variable time spent per ruminated cud (time/cud) and number of chews per cud (chews/cud) were not influenced (p > 0.
For the subjects of non-military nature, this situation has changed since the creation of the CUD.
Toda CUD se caracteriza por la asimetria de las acciones, es decir, existe una actividad solidaria frente a un contexto que expresa una necesidad concreta, donde trabajara la CUD para promover el desarrollo de capacidades hacia la autonomia local.
As subunidades com gotejador G2 submetidas aos manejos 1E3A, 2E2A, 3E1A e 4E apresentaram valores do CUD nos tempos de funcionamento inicial e 160 h de 97,51 e 89,69%; 97,89 e 44,55%; 98,14 e 18,78%; 98,05 e 54,00%, respectivamente (Figura 2B).
CUD decision-makers also cited CAMS' interoperability with other systems and Three Rivers Systems' ability to execute an aggressive installation timeline.
Because of the link with Canada, which has an acute homeless youth problem, CUD decided to support this cause, Fodil said.
In return, CUD will become a key service provider in ADIB's extensive staff educational programs.
Under the agreement, CUD students may also transfer to LU for one year to earn LU's Technology Diploma after spending an initial year at CUD.
If I cud die without them knowing I did it myself I wud.
They do so because they are tired, sick or injured - or most likely because they are chewing the cud, which is easier for them to do sat down.
This is called the cud and thorough chewing extracts all the goodness.
There's a cow who won't chew the cud And a hippo who is frightened of mud.
Japonesque Pink Go Cud Pocket Curler, $11, japonesque.
Patients with primary CUD [cannabis-use disorder] have become the largest group in substance-abuse centers in many European countries.