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any plant of the family Cucurbitaceae

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Long, pointed seeds such as cucurbitaceous (pumpkin, squash, melon, etc) and sunflower seeds germinate more quickly if they are planted with their tips pointing northward.
The melon fruit fly is considered a federal quarantine pest in India and many other countries, due to its highly invasive nature as majority of them cause extensive damage to many fruits and vegetables especially cucurbitaceous vegetables.
4%) of the mothers avoided to give fried foods but at the same time they preferred to give 'rabadf (local preparation made from millet flour and yogurt), ''Khichchadf (a semi-liquid preparation from the mixture of rice and pulses) and 'mateera' (fruits of a cucurbitaceous plant akin to water melon) to their febrile children.
is an important and commercially popular cucurbitaceous vegetable crop which holds a very coveted position in the vegetable market.