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any plant of the family Cucurbitaceae

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2004, reared from a cucurbit fruit; 3[male] Bambao INRAPE station, 13.
APHIS also recognized certain areas in Peru as free from the South American cucurbit fly.
In the Hill region, there are oranges, mandarins, plums, pears and strawberries; in the Terai region, pineapples, jackfruit and melons; in the Alluvial region, mangoes, guava, bananas, cabbage, cauliflower and tomatoes; in the West, sweet oranges, early cabbage and early cauliflower; on the Coast, cashews, coconuts and cucurbit vegetables.
ultimum, which causes damping-off diseases that decay the seed or seedlings of vegetable, horticultural, and cucurbit crops.
Each kind of Cucurbit originated in a different area of the world: cucumbers from India, some varieties of squash and pumpkins from northern Argentina, others from Central America and Mexico, watermelons from Africa, and muskmelon (cantaloupe) from Persia.
Comparative ontogeny of a wild Cucurbit and its derived cultivar.
The finds (not certainly associated with the playhouses, as the site of the Rose was used as a dumping ground after its demolition) include several firsts, ranging from pantiles to sea turtles, and there are early deposits of tobacco and cucurbit seeds (though it is not clear that the audiences were snacking healthily on pumpkin seeds, along with the plums, cherries and other fruit for which there is abundant evidence).
LIKE all cucurbit seeds, courgette seeds are a flat oval shape and should normally be sown in a heated environment in mid-late April, ready for planting outdoors in early June.
It is the only tephritid species in India that is uniformly widespread, attacking a large array of cucurbit fruits.
Due to droughts in recent years, especially in the province and the country is located in the dry and semi-dry Most farmers to irrigate their crops face water shortages, especially during the spring season crops such as corn Seifi--sugar beets, Cucurbit crops like wheat and canola irrigation practice makes it difficult to agricultural methods such as the use of potassium and super absorbent polymer An important role in reducing water consumption and plant resistance to dehydration and stress can play.
Area growers and other experts say recent steady rains have left some pumpkin vines, as well as other species of the Cucurbit family, covered in powdery mildew.
Wayadande is using the monitor to study how squash bugs transmit Serratia marcescens, the bacterium that causes cucurbit yellow vine disease, to watermelon and other cucurbits.
The cucurbit images (1515-1518) of the villa Farnesina, Rome.
An increasing number of early to mid-Holocene cucurbit identifications have been reported and Fritz (1999) suggests they represent the earliest cultivated plants in the region.