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Synonyms for cucumber

a melon vine of the genus Cucumis

cylindrical green fruit with thin green rind and white flesh eaten as a vegetable

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Then, there are the presents which come pouring over the wall every day, and very fine they certainly are, very fine; we had one of the cucumbers at dinner yesterday, and think of pickling the rest for next winter.
My dear mistress," replied the bird, "your cooks are very good and you can safely leave all to them, except that you must be careful to have a dish of cucumbers, stuffed with pearl sauce, served with the first course.
Before we left, Peter put ripe cucumbers into a sack for Mrs.
According to a spokesman for the agriculture department, cucumber is highly demanded during summer, therefore, growers should complete cultivation of cucumber at the earliest as delay in the cultivation may affect its yield at a large extent.
add citrus and other fruits of your choice either cucumber, strawberry, orange, lemon, lime or banana to garnish your cocktail.
5 PLACING a chilled slice of cucumber over puffy eyes really can help reduce swelling due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
Not the most efficient way to create a cocktail garnish, but "this is part of our effort to end misperception of the cucumber as an innocuous salad ingredient," said Hendrick's brand ambassador Mark Stoddard.
It suggests that the genetic transformation system developed using cotyledonary node explants is efficient and successful in cucumber.
But consumers have taken note of the preposterous warnings - and it is the cucumber that has borne the brunt.
Venue data showed that over 15,000 Hendrick's & Tonics were bought with cucumber currency and over 10,000 Hendrick's fans were out in force on Wednesday 17th May with bars such as Copper Dog, Gaucho and Cargo hosting between 600-1,000 customers each during the evening.
Return the frying pan to the heat, toss the noodles with the rest of the oil, the remaining sauce and 1 tbsp of the cucumber pickling liquid.
This chapter includes detailed instructions for the preparation of the cucumbers for experimental purposes, including the appropriate width of cucumber slices, whether slices should come from the flower or vine side of the vegetable, and how samples should be arranged for optimal comparison.
Keywords: Fruit set; Growth and Development; Endogenous hormone; CsEXP 10 gene; Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.
Cucumber samples were collected from the point of sale, from patients' homes, and from one of the Canadian suppliers, approximately 1 month after the patients' purchase date, but no cucumbers yielded Salmonella.
Nothing can compare with the crisp, cool crunch of a salad made with fresh-picked cucumbers, or the spicy taste of homemade pickles created with homegrown cukes.