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Synonyms for cuckoo

Synonyms for cuckoo

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

repeat monotonously, like a cuckoo repeats his call

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This instinct may probably be accounted for by the fact of the hens laying a large number of eggs; but, as in the case of the cuckoo, at intervals of two or three days.
In this case, as with the supposed case of the cuckoo, I can see no difficulty in natural selection making an occasional habit permanent, if of advantage to the species, and if the insect whose nest and stored food are thus feloniously appropriated, be not thus exterminated.
ris Hewson, senior research ecolosaid: "We have lost more than half number of cuckoos in the UK over last 20 years.
THE British Trust for Ornithology's project to satellite-track Cuckoos is an innovative use of modern technology - not only to understand one of our most well-known summer migrants, but also to raise awareness of their steep decline in numbers.
THERE has been national gloom at the small numbers of cuckoos seen in Britain this year, as evidenced recently by the BBC Springwatch team.
THERE has been national gloom at the few numbers of cuckoos seen in Britain this year, as evidenced recently by the BBC Springwatch team.
Marsdeners, also nicknamed Cuckoos, began to celebrate the event in the hope that good weather would come.
Cuckoos have been in southern England for a number of weeks after making the long migration from their African wintering grounds.
We collected observations on juvenile Striped Cuckoos on the Pacific slope of Nicaragua (06[degrees] 55' N, 43[degrees] 24' W; elevation 1,100 m) from May-September 2006, as part of a larger study on fledgling care by the Rufous-and-white Wren.
Table 1--Maximum daily and seasonal movements and estimates of home range (MCP = 100%-minimum-convex-polygon; KHR = fixed-kemel-home-range) of radio-marked yellow-billed cuckoos (Coccyzus american us occidentalis) along three reaches (N = Narrows, D = Delta, M = Mainstem) of the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico, in 2007 and 2008.
FOUR cuckoos have been fitted with tags by Scottish researchers investigating the reasons behind the species' long-term decline.
Soon after landing, she was taken to a wildlife centre in nearby Racconigi, where she was freed to join other cuckoos for their long journey south to the Congo.
Washington, August 3 ( ANI ): Female cuckoos have evolved different guises to minimise the chance of being recognised and thus being attacked by the birds they are trying to parasitize, according to a new research.
IExactly a year ago, five bog standard British cuckoos were tagged with brand new satellite tracking technology and each bird was given its own online blog to keep the public updated on its progress.
The tracking project is the work of the British Trust of Ornithology (BTO) which has learned exactly where British cuckoos spend their winters as well as being surprised by how they get there.