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an egg-shaped candy used to celebrate Easter

a colored hard-boiled egg used to celebrate Easter

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In other words, by the time the cuckoo egg is laid, it has had 18 to 24 hours of internal incubation at 40 degrees Centigrade and hatches 31 hours ahead of any host egg laid at the same time.
Reed warblers live with the threat that a cuckoo will infiltrate their nest, remove one of their eggs, replace it with a cuckoo egg, and leave cuckoo chicks to be raised by the unsuspecting reed warblers.
Forbes acquired The Duchess of Marlborough Egg, the only Faberge Egg made for an American and twenty years later, he bought an Imperial egg, the Cuckoo Egg, at a memorable Sotheby's sale.
Some victimized species catch the fraud in the egg stage and roll the cuckoo egg out of the nest.
The cuckoo egg was considerably larger than the blackbird eggs (Hughes [1999] gives a mean egg mass of 9.
Once a clandestinely laid cuckoo egg hatches in a reed warbler nest, the chick evicts its native nestmates.
It also provides excellent habitat for other bird species, the meadow pipits and dunnocks, both of which become unsuspecting foster parents to cuckoo eggs.
Now an increasing proportion of cuckoo eggs end up in the nests of long-distance migrants, Moller and his colleagues report online September 15 in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
Cuckoo eggs have a very short incubation period - 10 or 12 days, compared to 13 - 15 days for the host species - so invariably the young cuckoo hatches first,and though blind,naked and looking so helpless,it then proceeds to eject all the other eggs from the nest.