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Synonyms for cuckoo

Synonyms for cuckoo

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

repeat monotonously, like a cuckoo repeats his call

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But the American cuckoo is in this predicament; for she makes her own nest and has eggs and young successively hatched, all at the same time.
This instinct may probably be accounted for by the fact of the hens laying a large number of eggs; but, as in the case of the cuckoo, at intervals of two or three days.
In this case, as with the supposed case of the cuckoo, I can see no difficulty in natural selection making an occasional habit permanent, if of advantage to the species, and if the insect whose nest and stored food are thus feloniously appropriated, be not thus exterminated.
WHAT'S the connection between cuckoo clocks and Donald Trump (apart from the word cuckoo, that is)?
but not cheap, these ornate cuckoo clocks attract considerable fees on auction blocks WHAT'S the connection between cuckoo clocks and Donald Trump (apart from the word cuckoo, that is)?
The recently developed swarm-Intelligence based algorithm and bio-inspired algorithm such as cuckoo search (CS) developed by yang and deb (2009) [16].
HUNDREDS of people flocked to Marsden for the village's 25th annual Cuckoo Day celebration.
Discover confidence and convenience through the innovative tech of Cuckoo, the No.
BIRD lovers have flocked to a remote island to catch a glimpse of a rare cuckoo.
In the past 25 years, cuckoo numbers in the UK have dropped by twothirds (65%), the BTO said.
THE sitcom Cuckoo has proved such a hit that it's returning for not one but TWO new series.
Later in the day we heard another and saw a further cuckoo.
The Birmingham writer set his hit BBC3 sitcom Cuckoo, which returns this week, in the Staffordshire city.
A parasitic cuckoo chick foisted upon other birds can be luck in disguise, saving the nest with a disgusting defense.
When little Cuckoo hatches, it doesn't take long for him to realise that he doesn't belong - they say "tootooweet" and he says "cuckoo".