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the practice of making cuckolds

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Some members of the audience, trying to show me that they had paid attention in their literature classes, told me that horns were a sign of cuckoldry, so perhaps our pragmatism had done little harm.
Here the emphasis falls on Matthew's voluntary exile as he copes with the shame of cuckoldry and on his secret return to London in disguise, on Jane's charitable works after she has acquired power as a royal mistress, on her fall from wealth to poverty and her humiliating punishment after the king's death strips her of royal protection, on her pathetic suffering and penitence as a social outcast, and finally on the reconciliation and death from grief and exposure of the married couple in Shoreditch, the London suburb named in their memory.
Note also that brewing grains were used as a symbol of cuckoldry (E.
Percy--whose wife seems also to have used the threat of cuckoldry to keep her husband "in awe"(21)--perhaps would not have seen much humor in a comic sketch featured in The Bachelor's Banquet (1603), wherein an unfortunate young man finds himself wedded to "a lusty widow of a middle age and much experience, who, by the trial which she had of her first husband, knows how to handle the second":
First, the first tetralogy offers no comments on the danger of cuckoldry to a royal line; even with Queen Margaret's adultery, nobody worries about Suffolk's genes polluting the dynasty.
The book makes good on Bruster's promise to examine "three general strategies" through which the dramatists "attempted to come to grips with social change" (xii-xiii): the transformation of traditional links between sexual and economic production, particularly in the figure of the wittol, or willing cuckold, who for economic gain allows other men sexual access to his wife; the adoption of rural tropes to city use, as in cuckoldry and farce; and the exploitation in a new economic climate of traditional parallels between Troy and London, particularly in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida.
As audience members we are privy to the performers' dirty secrets as Guy is swallowed into a world of cuckoldry, swinging parties, estranged lovers, illicit affairs, Welsh prima donnas, dodgy business deals and some fantastically acted punch-ups.
Though "jig" most commonly denoted a salacious comic vignette, featuring multiple characters, cuckoldry and seduction plots, dance, and song, it also encompassed a broad swath of satiric stage caricature enacted by solo performers.
The audience member in the gallery, incensed by Tarlton's insinuation of cuckoldry, continued to argue, until, humiliated "the poore fellow, plucking his hat over his eyes, went his wayes.
Yet, due to the possibility of cuckoldry, individuals are necessarily less certain in the case of brothers' offspring.
The idea of cuckoldry afforded Joyce an opportunity to indulge a range of fantasies relating to Barnacle's emotional and physical infidelity; while Prezioso's tentative advances earned him a verbal assault from Joyce playing the dual role of dishonoured husband and betrayed friend.
Old age, impotence, and cuckoldry were among a long list of anxiety-producing masculine discomforts afflicting early modern Spanish men which the entremes genre mocked profusely (Cartagena Calderon 235), in particular the combination of these traits in the stock character of the impotent and cuckold old man married to a younger woman: the vejete.
Though the threats of increased cuckoldry to fitness during episodes of mobbing have recently been examined (Berzins et al.
Chow's irascible friend Ping tries to point out his cuckoldry, but Chow refuses to see--or perhaps, like Hamlet (indeed, like any hysteric), he cannot see the reality of the situation, so he, like Mrs Chan, disavows an active role in constituting it.
Students draw on research concerning cuckoldry and paternal investment to analyze Bernard's attitude.