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Synonyms for cuckold

a man whose wife committed adultery

be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

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Matalene, who sees Horner as a defeated character at the end with the dance symbolizing the "celebration of the cuckolded Pinchwife and Fidget households at having safely escaped from Horner's involvement with them" in "What Happens in The Country Wife" Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 22 (1982): 395-411 (409); Peggy Thompson, who sees the dance as an image of the "victims of womens insatiability and deception" in "The Limits of Parody in The Country Wife" Studies in Philology 89 (1992): 100-114 (112); and Derek Hughes, who sees the dance as pointing to the secret society of cuckolds that Horner is establishing with Lady Fidget and the other women in "Naming and Entitlement in Wycherley, Etherege, and Dryden," Comparative Drama 21 (1987): 259-89 (265).
Margison was more convincing as the cuckolded husband in Leoncavallo's trau;-edy.
Have you ever been cuckolded like that in real life?
But in an unnecessary bid for engagement, Dean singles out couples in the audience as he soliloquizes about intellectual wives and their cuckolded husbands.
As her inquiries begin to gel, Sarah wonders if murder occurred and could a cuckolded Gatien have killed his wife for cheating on him.
Delphine Gillot is a touch lightweight for the adulterous Nedda, but O'Neill as the cuckolded actormanager brings depths of tragedy as he kills his wife, embracing the audience in expectations of applause, then freezing his arms as though crucified
Low-ranking males get cuckolded so often that the outcomes of song contests didn't make much difference.
Next he strives to bring about a state of affairs that his child may not be permitted to grow up unscarred by such a complication, never to experience the flavour of a true father-son relationship even though the cuckolded husband has stated he will inform the child of his true parentage when he is of an age to require such information.
The glitzy layabout Lois Magic is anything but enchanting, but Marlowe saves her from a murder frame-up by her cuckolded husband.
WHO ever thought Keith the cuckolded cabbie from Marion & Geoff would end up with his own show?
Calling to mind Browning's crazed creative narrators, Piranesi, in a hermetically sealed voice, as though speaking from the crypt, rails against the Catholic church, against critics, against his wife Angelica who cuckolded him, and against his nemesis, the German aesthetic Johannes Winckelman, whose effete brand of Hellenism he denounces as a sham--a preposterous veil thinly concealing Winckelman's pederasty.
With so many past conquests to sort through, Leon's search promises to be difficult, made all the more complex by a posse of cuckolded husbands determined to take their revenge on him.
Less-well-known images from our tradition (God as snorting bull, God as woman crying out in childbirth, God as Bronze Age warrior, God as cuckolded husband, and so on) sound, to contemporary ears, foreign and farfetched.
In "Enemies," the pain of loss reads poignantly at the final moment in the faces of de la Pena, the cuckolded lover, and Felix Blaska, his doctor, who's been summoned on false pretenses away from mourning his baby's death.
Quickly he achieved complete mastery over Elijah Pierson and other troubled souls, and gained a following of fascinating religious enthusiasts that Johnson and Wilentz present in vivid detail: the wily Anne Folger, who would ultimately seduce both the prophet and his patriarchal vision; her cuckolded husband Benjamin, a wealthy evangelical entrepreneur; and perhaps most intriguing, a mystic ex-slave named Isabella Van Wagenen, whom many historians have come to know under a different name and guise.