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Synonyms for cuckold

a man whose wife committed adultery

be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

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Alithea, through her faithfulness to her word and her inability to read the signs of this world properly, has set herself up to be cuckolded (or, more precisely for a woman, "cuckqueaned") by Sparkish's facade of faith.
The head of gas stations owners' union in Lebanon, Sami Brax, had said Friday that Minister Bassil had tried to exert pressure on these owners to encourage them to demonstrate against me and the public works committee," Qabbani noted, criticizing the disdain of General Aoun vis-a-vis the living martyrs; a disdain reflected in his suggestion that a cuckolded husband could have been behind the attempted assassination of one of them.
Clutching the cuckolded Turiddu with macho agression and ominous intent, baritone Gregory Dalil (Alfio), an EO regular with a terrific dramatic range, effectively created the moment of high drama that sends this little classic to its violent conclusion in the fatal off-stage duel.
Cuckolded husband Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) seeks refuge at a cocktail bar where lothario Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) takes pity and confidently assures him, "I'm going to help you rediscover your manhood.
On June 16, 1904, a cuckolded advertising salesman named Leopold Bloom wandered the streets of Dublin, unwittingly acting out Odysseus's journey home.
As the massed ranks of Corrie's constant funeral and marriage attenders cowered in the pews, cuckolded alky Peter rounded on his blubbing bride and her bit on the side .
Ignaure is a horrific tale that strikes atavistic chords; the revenge enacted by cuckolded husbands combines two basic human fears.
Favourite characters spanning three series were revived, such as the dancers at a Jane Austen ball with their filthy innuendos and the cuckolded husband who won't believe his wife's having an affair.
This would-be comedy about a cuckolded greasy-spoon fry cook-turned-costumed vigilante (Rainn Wilson) wants to weld "Kick-Ass" to "Taxi Driver," but writer-director James Gunn fires only blanks on the satiric side of things.
In the case of Mike L, his wife broke their marriage contract when she cuckolded him and misled him about his genetic relationship with the girl she bore.
In these types of circumstances, emotions among workplace colleagues will run high and they may show their solidarity with the cuckolded colleague by refusing to continue to work with the manager.
But armed with the admission of adultery, betrayed ex-husband Johnny Valentine decided to sue Fitch, based on an antiquated Mississippi state law permitting a cuckolded spouse to seek damages for eC[pounds sterling]loss of society, companionship, love and affectioneC[yen], as well as eC[pounds sterling]the loss of sexual relationseC[yen].
It's why a jilted girlfriend or cuckolded husband insists on hearing the reason why--even when they already know.
She's reputed to be tired of her second husband, the dour Tim, and it looks, from the pictures, like she is renewing her interest in the married man her oldest brother cuckolded.
So he scrutinizes such sites as the presentations and receptions of the cuckolded "cit," the seating arrangements for theater audiences, the characterizations of satiric "fops," and the controversies over enactments of gentility on stage and in life by theater professionals.