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Synonyms for cuckold

a man whose wife committed adultery

be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

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34) Rather, she cannot cuckold someone because she cannot disguise her desires behind words (or other signs).
Dubai, Dec 12 ( ANI ): A group of Saudi medics said that they would sue a blogger for posting a tweet, which said that anyone who allowed his daughter, wife or sister to work in a hospital was "a cuckold.
Even more salacious is the possibility that the apparent cuckold in this case previously wrote to an advice column in the New York Times.
For example, if, as Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick has suggested, men cuckold other men out of homoerotic desire, then the play might be said to stop short of indulging queer pleasure.
Living as a cuckold clouds his days until he is able to reconcile with this boy.
For that the victim still had to take his case to the Church, but the cuckold who had once been considered helpless before his wife's sexuality now had "a chance to reassert his power and turn the tables on his wife's lover" (174).
The afterword suggests the ties between the fiction and Urrea's experience, though there doesn't seem to be such a connection with "Taped to the Sky," in which a cuckold, Hubbard, finds himself next to his wife's dead car, tripping, meeting Don Her Many Horses; the confused stereotypes--white/red, the shooting of the car, the image of Hubbard duct-taped to a ceiling, above a group of dancing warriors--are reductive and funny.
More to the point, Clinton was attacked for allowing Jimmy Carter, repeatedly referred to as a "loose cannon" (put on your Freudian thinking caps, please), to cuckold him and Warren Christopher in the area of foreign affairs.
Peace, of Cuckold Carr Farm, in Gunthwaite, was found guilty in his absence at Huddersfield Magistrates Court for offences which related to activity at Meadow Nook Farm, Haddingley Lane in Cumberworth on October 14 last year.
He looks at sublime passion and the remarkable women, Qing can be with one and only one, the otherworldliness of the courtesan, the love story and civilizational crisis, passive polygyny in two kinds of man-child, fleecing the customers in Shanghai brothels of the 1890s, cultural destiny and polygynous love in Zou Tao's Shanghai Dust, and the polygynous politics of the modern Chinese man in Nine-times Cuckold.
The scenes between Helen Worth's Gail and Tina O'Brien's Sarah Lou, the heartbroken cuckold, were fantastic.
He predicts that the flycatcher study will affect ideas about such evolutionary puzzles as how species split apart and why birds cuckold their mates.
Gilbert and Sullivan couldn't have made it up - especially the postscript where the cuckold had to resign, to be replaced by a man called Balls.
Standing by someone who's been wronged is one thing; standing by a woman who's made you a laughing stock and a cuckold is quite another.
The metaphor thus transforms the friends of the cuckold into hunting dogs who, once they have learned that his wife is unfaithful, use this hint to chase the female prey, kill her and devour her, equivalents of sleeping with her and, in the process, of destroying both her and her husband's honor.