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Students were informed that the cuboid was part of a group of shapes known as 'prisms' (Oberdorf & Taylor-Cox, 1999; Van De Walle, 2007).
It is also convenient to match the set of observation points to the set of centres of all elementary cuboids, i.
In [9], formulas for the global ICs of the inclusion problem were derived by superposition of the ICs for a single cuboid corresponding to states I, II and III, and superposition of all cuboids contributions was subsequently performed.
In a first scenario, two spherical inclusions of radius R = a/4 (with a fixed but otherwise arbitrarily chosen), containing uniform dilatational eigenstrains, are considered in a computational domain of side lengths 4a x a x a, divided into 800 x 200 x 200 elementary cuboids.
ijkl], i, j, k, l = 1, 2, 3, denotes the stress tensor component ij induced in the infinite elastic matrix by the k l component of the eigenstrains tensor, assumed uniform and equal to unity in a cuboid centered in origin.
a cuboid having the centre at (0,0, - h)), in such a manner that summation of elastic fields induced by both cuboidal regions leaves the half-space boundary free of shear tractions.
It has the form of cuboids with dimensions of 80 X 80 [mm.
To study the effect of each case on the properties of injection molding process, a full three dimensional time-dependent injection molding analysis is carried out for a mold model with cuboids cavity having two different thicknesses which has the same configuration studied in the experimental work as shown in Fig.
The internal heat sources (PCs and desk lights) were also simulated by heated cuboids and they participated in both convective and radiant heat transfer, according to the experimental setup.
The pollution due to the PCs was simulated by positioning a source between the two heated cuboids representing PCs, so the contaminant was associated with the thermal plume of both of them.
The airflow was split on the three free faces of the cuboid in order to obtain the same supply air path and velocity: 1/5 of the total flow on each of the two narrow faces and 3/5 of the total flow on the wider face.