cuboidal cell

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an epithelial cell that shaped like a cube

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Ductal carcinoma cases were characterized by distinctive pseudostratified columnar epithelial cells in papillary or cribriform architectures, whereas acinar tumors exhibited glands and acini lined by a single layer of cuboidal cells [Figure 1].
Histological examination of the specimen showed encysted tubular structure which was lined with flattened cuboidal cells and the features were reported to be consistent with nephrogenic adenoma of the urinary bladder.
In both enlarged and narrow regions of the gastric caeca-like structure, the wall presents a simple epithelium of cuboidal cells each with a well-developed central nucleus with an evident nucleolus (Figs.
The epithelial structures were composed of pleomorphic columnar and cuboidal cells, with nuclear atypia and high mitotic activity what help us to diagnose malignancy.
A skin excision biopsy was carried out, whose report was a dermal tumor mass from the lower portion of the epidermis, well de fined, formed by small cuboidal cells without atypia, arranged in well-defined bands that anastomose without barricade, with pigmented areas and few dilated ducts, which are in contact with the resection margins, compatible with eccrine poroma (Fig.
The histopathological features show a non- keratinised epithelium with cuboidal cells of 2-3 cell layer thickness.
The inner parietal layers of the integument differentiate into a thin layer of endothelium with cuboidal cells comprises strong PAS positive reaction (Fig.
Histologically CAs are composed of columns of columnar and cuboidal cells with small cystic spaces with or without connective tissue capsule.
The portal area showed lymphocytes infiltration; the portal vein and hepatic artery contained erythrocytes and bile duct was lined with cuboidal cells and appeared normal (Fig.
The cell type that eventually evolves from non-ciliated cuboidal cells is the simple squamous cell.
The acini were lined by a single layer of plump, cuboidal cells with a centrally positioned, round to oval nucleus, surrounded by uniformly granular cytoplasm.
On further histological examination, the tumor was observed to be hypercellular, with well-defined nests of cuboidal cells ("zellballen pattern") separated by highly vascularized fibrous septae (Figure 2A).
Cuboidal cells of the germinal epithelium develop vacuoles and become necrotic.
Epithelial cells represented the main cell population and included round cells, 6-10 [micro]m in diameter, and cuboidal cells, 15-25 [micro]m in length, that are typical of the outer mantle epithelium.
The tumour consists of sheets of uniform small cuboidal cells connected by intercellular bridges, with intervening secretion filled narrow ductal lumina lined by eosinophilic cuticle (Fig2).