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an ancient unit of length based on the length of the forearm

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When a man cannot measure, and a great many others who cannot measure declare that he is four cubits high, can he help believing what they say?
Here Hector entered, with a spear eleven cubits long in his hand; the bronze point gleamed in front of him, and was fastened to the shaft of the spear by a ring of gold.
Ziggurats were terraced pyramids built in the ancient Middle East; a cubit is a length of measure equal to about 18 inches or 44 centimetres.
Officers had been looking for Clemons since speaking to the children's father, and they found him Wednesday at Cubit and Wagner streets.
They are (from left): back row: Joyce Dalby, Sylvia Cubit and Margaret Hethrington.
Its first gate was 70 cubits high and 25 cubits broad (a cubit is 18 inches).
Thus: "Have them (the Israelites) make a chest of acacia wood - 2 and a half cubits long, a cubit and a half wide, and a cubit and a half high.
com)-- The team at Cubit Chair have created a one of a kind modular chair for kids.
Specific topics include dynamic analysis subject to displacement harmonic excitation of a 20,000 cubit meter liquid storage tank, a review of residual life prediction for remanufacturing machine tools, a design of a warehouse monitoring system based on virtual instruments, the effects of oxygen-enriched concentration in combustion air on thermal parameters for forge furnaces, and a design of a cooperative vehicle infrastructure system based on the Internet of vehicle technologies.
For the study, the students settled on a cubit being 48.
A graduated column made of granite can be seen at the centre of the well, and is divided into 19 cubits (a cubit equals 56cm).
15) Newton's reconstruction in Babson MS 043416 was not a symbolic analysis; rather it was intended to be an accurate reconstruction of the Temple in both its architectural plan and the accuracy of the length of the cubit.
Repeatability and increased productivity are two factors behind the popularity of the CUBIT, said Thomas Nyman, marketing manager.
Each bundle contains 650 leaf and the mat needs 12 spin; the length of each of them is 80 cubit.