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an ancient unit of length based on the length of the forearm

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On the contrary, between the level of the ditch and the basement of the rampart sprang up a perpendicular cliff of two hundred and fifty cubits, forming part of the precipitous Mount Moriah.
Revolutions in state will also arise from a disproportionate increase; for as the body consists of many parts, it ought to increase proportion-ably to preserve its symmetry, which would otherwise be destroyed; as if the foot was to be four cubits long, and the rest of the body but two palms; it might otherwise [1303a] be changed into an animal of a different form, if it increase beyond proportion not only in quantity, but also in disposition of parts; so also a city consists of parts, some of which may often increase without notice, as the number of poor in democracies and free states.
And let me see the man in all Nottinghamshire that dare disobey the warrant of our sovereign lord King Harry, for, by the shrine of Saint Edmund, I will hang him forty cubits high
Cut a mortar (13) three feet wide and a pestle three cubits long, and an axle of seven feet, for it will do very well so; but if you make it eight feet long, you can cut a beetle (14) from it as well.
When a man cannot measure, and a great many others who cannot measure declare that he is four cubits high, can he help believing what they say?
I pined greatly in secret to know the contents of the tent, which Ishmael guarded so carefully, and which he had covenanted that I should swear, (jurare per deos) not to approach nigher than a defined number of cubits, for a definite period of time.
WATERLOO, Ontario, June 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cubit Labs is pleased to announce YOUnify for Android is now available in the Amazon Appstore.
Its first gate was 70 cubits high and 25 cubits broad (a cubit is 18 inches).
In 1984 water flow per second in River Maritsa had measured as 2400 cubic meters also in 2006 it was measured as 1600 cubit meters.
Dessine par l'architecte Yasser Al Khalil du cabinet James Cubit and Partners, selon les recommandations de la Federation internationale de handball, il est compose d'une arene principale pour les matches de competition et de deux salles d'entrainement.
For the study, the students settled on a cubit being 48.
Neighbourhood Special Constable of the Year - Spe-cial Superintendent George Kane, Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Officer Best at tackling Anti-social Behaviour - PCSO Alaina Tait - Stockton Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator of the Year - Michael Barnes, Redcar and Cleveland Housing Provider Contribution to tackling Anti-social Behaviour - Antony Sharp, Coast and Country Housing Community Safety Contribution to Tackling Antiso-cial Behaviour - Operation Cubit, Hartlepool Community Volunteer Champion - Fred Wood, Red-car and Cleveland (posthumous award) Community Minded Business - Teesside University ?
A graduated column made of granite can be seen at the centre of the well, and is divided into 19 cubits (a cubit equals 56cm).
The confrontation occurred outside the AM/PM store at 2155 Cubit St.