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relating to or characteristic of cubism


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Many of the best British establishment artists from last few decades are represented and as one would expect, there is much quality in evidence from David Hockney's finely drawn, The Print Collector (1971), an almost perfect exercise in the traditional art of lithography, to Julian Trevelyan's cubistic view of Brentford docks, possibly the best work in the show.
Embers" is an example of stylistic experimentation, with its shifting point of view and time frames in a cubistic manner.
On the opposite side, an artist's easel or chair, with a cubistic rendition of the Venus de Milo, harks back to Dali's art-school experiences of drawing from plaster casts, one of which stands immediately behind the easel.
A similarly cubistic head, this time made of cardboard for a corner niche, Constructed Head No.
As it happens, most of the early versions of "self" are prismatic, cubistic constructs reflecting not self but a shifting series of public, private, and imaginary selves.
The Germans are now making a determined effort to get away from cubistic forestry--experience has revealed that in about the third successive crop of conifers in "pure" stands the microscopic flora of the soil becomes upset and the trees quit growing, but it will be another generation before the new policy emerges in landscape form.
Cubistic Counselors from Panasonic will be on site with additional information on several Panasonic digital products that enhance the NINTENDO GAMECUBE playing experience.
His style bears some resemblance to certain works by Pablo Picasso, thanks to Gabo's cubistic and disarticulated renderings of the human body.
Gance has a cubistic tendency to divide the screen into multiple squares or verticals and to use triple screens to project different images on the right and left, flanking a critical center.
As the Cubistic athlete who is poised to stop and catch an incoming ball from entering his space, his own territory in Cubist Athlete and finally the ruptured figure dancing with a tennis racket, either catching a ball thrown from his opponent or otherwise sending the invasive projectile ball back to the ' enemy ' in Majolica in Top .
Wallpaper paste and newspapers were used to create papier-mache for a mountain hat, a cherry-pie mask/hat, a "dress" shoe and a Cubistic mask.
Amid the Faulknerian excess that defines the house of Addie, the chosen sons, blackened by their association with the mother's box, become visible in Vardaman's sections that flank the novel's denouement: Darl's cubistic vision of the barn-burning scene.
Perhaps because of this long gestation period, the Walt Disney Concert Hall--in particular the auditorium and the office blocks exposed on the plinth--retains Gehry's earlier concern with a Cubistic assemblage of objects together with an emerging ability to drape space with complexly shaped membranes.
In addition to asking me to refresh their memory, students also look at each other's work a lot, asking questions like, "What did you do for Cubistic collage?
4] His art she said, "expresses multiple layers of reality in a single plane--it is almost a cubistic arrangement, expressing multiple realities simultaneously, including images referencing mysticism, Jewish folklore, history, memory and sacred texts.