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relating to or characteristic of cubism


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John Tucker's essay, subtitled "Working Out the Cubistic Bugs," is an exemplary case of a cubistic reading of As I Lay Dying that, without naming Husserl specifically, develops a hermeneutic approach to the text that identifies as "cubist" spatio-temporal operations consonant with Husserlian time-consciousness.
Postmodernist and Contemporary artists offer a totally new adaptations of the self-portrait in such representations as Elizabeth Murray's compressed shaped canvas of 1983, More Than You Know (MoMA), which has both autobiographical elements and art historical references, including a reference to Eduard Munch's Scream of 1898 inserted in her cubistic collage.
The only native-born doll-maker in this core group of founders was Ruth Sarfati-Sterschuss (1928-2010), a highly respected artist, sculptor, and book illustrator who, following the 1967 war and influenced by traditional Palestinian artistry, designed cubistic wooden dolls mostly depicting Bedouin and Arab women.
When we contrast the title of a painting such as Young Woman (Jeune Fille) (1924) with that of The Tomb of the Wrestlers, we immediately discern the fact that the former title is illustrative because the cubistic woman in the painting is also the woman of the title, whereas the latter painting is not illustrative because the title does not denote the rose in the picture.
It continues the long landscape tradition of the formal bedded parterre, but re-interprets it in cubistic triangles accompanied by futuristic ornamentation worthy of a Deco cinema.
Donning falsies during one segment, Galvan ran his body through a cubistic wringer, reshaping it from centaur and steed to warrior and lover, all through astonishing footwork, balletic jumps, and dying-swan-like arms.
This almost cubistic picture of the sun being cut up by the rocks inside a bowl-like horizon shows graphically what the writer is seeing and trying to describe.
Hence the concepts that I have about Cubism; the work I do is Cubistic, as is my attitude toward our culture.
It is a horrible, grey, concrete, cubistic, cheap-looking structure.
Contemporary Indian artist Khanna presents a collection of b&w drawings by fellow Indian artist KM Adimoolam, well-known in India and internationally for his pen-and-ink drawings of an array of subjects, from realistic portraits of Mahatma Gandhi to idealized depictions of Indian kings and warriors, and semi-abstract, Cubistic portrayals of Hindu gods.
Each individual object is portrayed as small blocks, almost Cubistic with simple form and devoid of unnecessary detail.
2) In Fry's view, Woolf's cubistic style--still gestating but detectable in such elements as the snail's eye view of color, space, and time in "Kew Gardens" (1919)--trumps a mediocre painting making use of a similar technique.
Following the scenario of Bronislava Nijinska's original ballet about a peasant wedding, Celis' work ``Noces'' expands the wedding from one couple to 12, as if depicting the opposing forces, male and female, through a cubistic prism.
The pragmatic solution of shared terraces on different floors results in a somewhat cubistic composition that provides generous shade.