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It is investigated that this family is also cubically convergent for all a [member of] R.
When particles are distributed cubically, the radius of the pores between the particles is equal to 0.
For symmetric eigenvalue problems the Rayleigh quotient iteration is known to converge cubically to simple eigenvalues, but for unsymmetric problems its convergence is only quadratic.
Classical linear wave propagation modeling, analysis and computation topics include electromagnetic applications, the acoustics of fluids and the acoustics of solids; those on classical nonlinear wave propagation included cubically nonlinear media and resonant excitation of nonlinear waves; inverse scattering modeling included wood and seismic imaging.
In the overall, Lauterbach's poems build cubically, back and front and side-angle at once, with glimpses and partials, memories and immediacies held up in time.
2004) showed fetal liver, lung, heart, and kidney weights increased cubically with gestation.
Since B in the emission region is highly nonuniform (B of a star typically is a dipole field, so it decreases inversely cubically with the distance), the line spectrum is expected to be quite blurred, easily confused with a continuous spectrum.