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Community gardens used more than 4,000 cubic yards, including nearly 1,900 cubic yards ordered by Grass Roots Garden off Coburg Road.
Concrete is measured in cubic yards and project length, width and depth determine the amount needed.
One cubic yard (27 cubic feet) of mulch covers 108 square feet with a layer 3 inches deep.
When the dust settled, the rubble totaled roughly 30,000 cubic yards of material, but it's what the contractors did with the debris that makes this project unique.
The city's Parks and Recreation Department figures that by avoiding the costs of picking up trees, landfilling fees, and the costs of purchasing mulch for municipal parks, the city of Austin saved about $20,000 last year - and about 10,000 cubic yards of landfill space.
Paul, MN has established that the RSC at a dosage of 1 lb per cubic yard meets or exceeds the ICC AC32 requirements.
One report that was done by the Ministry of Mines and Metallurgy of Bolivia (report 388/00 made in 1984) lists the probable reserves of Mayaya of about 26,280 troy ounces of gold with an average tenor of 230 mg's per cubic yard based on a volume of 3,554,000 cubic yards (page 66).
Purchased at the nursery in bags, a cubic yard of compost (27 cubic feet) would cost $35 to $65, so bulk ordering means considerable savings.
Cat's smallest loader is typically equipped with buckets holding around one cubic yard, while its largest loader (used in massive mining operations) can be equipped with a bucket that carries 40 cubic yards of material.
Dry ground scrap wallboard weighs about 400 pounds per cubic yard.
Concrete trucks arrive loaded with nine cubic yards of concrete mud (1 cubic yard of concrete covers an area equal to 9 bags of garden mulch).
2 million cubic yards of waste into the existing footprint beginning in 2007, said David Murphy, vice president with town consultant Tighe & Bond, who agreed with Casella's projections.
The project work area included over 180 feet of vertical rock face and involved the use of a uniquely modified crane anchored on the dam to assist in the excavation of 2,350 cubic yards of native soil and the placement of 4,882 cubic yards of concrete.
8 million cubic yards and is expected to open by the end of this year.
Now the Missouri-based company BioSpan Technologies has developed a solvent that dissolves the wet, dirty chunks at a ratio of more than 3 cubic yards of foam per gallon of solvent.