cubic metre

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a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters

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Making the emission norms stringent for prospective plants to come up after January 1, 2017, the Particulate Matter would be further lessened to 30 mg per normal cubic metre.
Noble Group has taken up about 200,000 cubic metres of clean storage at the port.
1 billion cubic metres in the corresponding period of 2011.
The report said, "An annual per capita water share below 1,000 cubic metres is considered to pose a significant constraint to economic development, health and well-being; below 500 cubic metres, water scarcity becomes a threat to life.
The purpose was to supply 20,715 cubic metres capacity tanker located in Hamad Town, thus pumping water to areas such as Sadad, Zallaq, Malkiya, Demistan and five other tankers belonging to the municipality, they added.
Forouz gas field is located in the Persian Gulf near Kish island and has 700 billion cubic metres of gas reserves," Mirkazemi said, adding that when brought on stream the field could produce around 70 million cubic metres of gas daily.
But as of February 2001, there are only 6 bn cubic metres of usable water".
Verwater & Zonen for the construction of 264,000 cubic metres of petroleum storage at its Amsterdam terminal.
Acting MD Nahashon Muguna yesterday said Thika dam's storage stood at 34 million cubic metres, representing 49 per cent of its full capacity.
Iran has agreed to export 40 million cubic metres of gas to Iraq," he adds.
The first month of Spring also resulted in an impressive inflow of 26 million cubic metres of water into the island's dams, the second highest in the last twenty years.
The Puguang Gas Field is also one of the five gas fields with reserves of more than 200 billion cubic metres discovered in China.
Power plant fuel consumption rates increased to 115m cubic metres of gas and equivalent daily, compared to approximately 107m last month, according to an official at gas holding company EGAS.
Egypt share of water is expected to fall below 582 cubic metres by 2025.