cubic inch

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The product reportedly costs less per cubic inch than filled nylon and has higher tensile, flexural, and stiffness properties.
Thor Performance is a motorcycle engine design and development company that has completed development of a 100 cubic inch, 115 cubic inch, and 150 cubic inch short- stroke V-twin engine.
Ideal for work, trail riding and bowhunting, the Xpedition 325 has a powerful 325 cubic inch, air-cooled engine and a suspension that will provide seven full inches of travel to ensure that you have plenty of power with a comfortable ride.
2500 Watt Front End/Rectifier Packs 27 Watts Per Cubic Inch, Customizable Power Platform Design, and Microprocessor Control for Powering Datacom, Telecom and Industrial Applications
Solaroli he stated the following, "We have completed testing on the 540 cubic inch twin turbo marine engines and are pleased to report that the results were better than expected.