cubic centimetre

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a metric unit of volume equal to one thousandth of a liter

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Note: if you feel it is wrong, or seems strange, to specify a quantity of centicubes using the fluid-based unit of millilitres, simply refer to so many cubic centimetres of centicubes.
Remember, using Montessori material, or Dienes' MAB base-10 material, 1 cubic centimetre is one-thousandth of a cubic decimetre, or a litre, and 1 cubic metre contains a thousand litres, so 1 cubic metre as a model of 1 unit has a cubic centimetre as a model of one-millionth, or one-thousandth of a thousandth).
This compared to passing a bus or traffic, with a recording of around 150,000 particles per cubic centimetre.
By contrast, in heavily industrialized cities, particle concentrations are in the tens of thousands per cubic centimetre, making it impossible to measure any net change when additional particles, either natural or artificial, are added.
I think we could easily reach hundreds of microwatts per cubic centimetre (with modifications)," he said.
All to reduce the cargo space of the sturdy existing ones by a few cubic centimetres.
How many cubic centimetres are there in a cubic metre?
It features a driver-focused cockpit with two bucket seats and is equipped with a turbocharged and direct-injected four-cylinder engine with a displacement of around 1750 cubic centimetres.
KABUL (PAN): Canadian embassy staff and and government officials were among 85 people who donated 32,000 cubic centimetres of blood to the national blood bank on Saturday.
A mini car or truck is defined as having an engine capacity of under 660 cubic centimetres.
As reported in The Evening Chronicle on October 1, 1987, Belle's leeks left the lads at the station in a bit of a stew, as they measured in at a massive 164 cubic centimetres.
Leaders of the Red Shirts have vowed to collect one million cubic centimetres of blood, the equivalent of 1,000 standard soft drink bottles, before marching to Government House.