cubic centimeter

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a metric unit of volume equal to one thousandth of a liter

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Neidong National Forest Recreation Area in Wulai District, also in New Taipei City, comes second in the list, with 1,930 negative ions per cubic centimeter detected along its hiking trails and up to 16,748 negative ions found in the vicinity of the Neidong waterfall.
Twenty to 40 different species of phytoplankton--such as diatoms and algae--can coexist within a single cubic centimeter of water, all vying just for light and a handful of nutrients.
To illustrate this point, he pointed out that the volume of functional silicon in one supercomputer rack takes up approximately 1 cubic centimeter of space--most of the rest of the floor-to-ceiling rack is comprised of various levels of packaging and interconnect.
One cubic centimeter of a new material can potentially hold as much information as 1,000 CD-ROMs, researchers announced last week.
Thus, a 30 cubic centimeter (cc) fuel cell was shown discharging at a rate of 1 ampere, demonstrating over 0.
1 cubic centimeter -- a 50 percent size reduction from the family's first product, introduced in July 2001.
Just before it collapses, the core of such a star may have a diameter of 3,000 kilometers, a temperature of a few billion kelvins, and a density of 10 billion grams per cubic centimeter.
30 grams per cubic centimeter (gm/cm3), with an uncertainty of 0.
Scientists have created a diamond that packs in more atoms per cubic centimeter than any other material known to exist at atmospheric pressure.
However, even at its thickest, the moon's evanescent sodium atmosphere probably contains only a few dozen atoms per cubic centimeter -- far more tenuous than a comet tail.
We are pleased to introduce these new families of optoelectronic interfaces that offer the highest capability in the industry with greater than 5 gigabit kilometers per cubic centimeter," stated Melvyn Dixon, President and CEO of CENiX.
3 milligrams of spinal bone per cubic centimeter annually.
The lowest-level annual motor vehicle tax -- pertaining to vehicles between one and three years old with an engine capacity of 1,300 cubic centimeters -- will be increased from TL 537 to TL 591 beginning in the new year.
petrol vehicles up to 3,000 cubic centimeters, and diesel vehicles up to 2,500 cubic centimeters - by $0.
Now they begin with 1,500 cubic centimeters of formula called TwoCal--four cans in the morning and four in the night, served up each time with 700 cubic centimeters of water.