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We wanted to rethink the common area so neighbors would hang out and chat," says architect Lorcan O'Herlihy of the 10-unit, cubelike building, which is located 20 feet from public transportation.
Also, there's a super braised beef short ribs appetizer ($14) that chef Funt sends out in cubelike portions on skewers given a bit of zing with a chipotle barbecue sauce, served neatly nestled in a mustard seed coleslaw.
Most of the portraits have cubelike bodies-solid blocks of richly grained wood-and faces sculpted, drawn, or painted by the artist.
The third figure represented stands above the stage on another cubelike structure and is hidden within a Chinese puppet theater set against a lavishly painted black-blue-and-white background that creates an electromagnetic atmosphere.
And just like the sweet specks you heap into lemonade, cotton-candy sugar has a grainy, cubelike shape called a crystal.