cube root

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a number that when multiplied three times equals a given number

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In this paper we present neat geometric ways to reason about estimation of square roots and cube roots that are not accessible with simple routine techniques.
Indian engineer K K Thomas was recognised for his ability to extract square roots of 10-digit numbers and cube roots of 15-digit numbers - without using a calculator or pen and paper.
Until the 1930s, scientists expected traits of an organism to scale in proportion to the cube root, or 1/3 power, of the organism's mass.
By the cube root of two is meant the real root of the equation
PHILMASA Int'l, Cube Root Restaurant and Graal's Beauty Saloon.
I asked him to give me the cube root of 2 [square root of 2].
A money pit of stress is so acute, Bio-fuel measurements at the bank's cube root, Chased by the wolves, the atoms are in pursuit, Taken to the cleaners in your birthday suit.
SUMS IT UP Cube root of 623,922: 85 Square root of 3996: 63 93 to the power 5: 6956883693 87 to the power 5: 4984209207 64 to the power 12:
I can still break out in a stress-induced cold sore on hearing 'what's the cube root of.