cube root

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a number that when multiplied three times equals a given number

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The answer for the cube root of 2 is going to be 1.
In this paper we present geometric ways to reason about approximation of square roots and cube roots that are not accessible with simple routine techniques.
Indian engineer K K Thomas was recognised for his ability to extract square roots of 10-digit numbers and cube roots of 15-digit numbers - without using a calculator or pen and paper.
If simple power patterns using square roots and cube roots can be shown repeatedly in response to advertising, within a theoretical construct like cognitive orthogony, both the applied and theoretical sides of those experimental issues can be examined, together, with increasing understanding.
When I asked one of the students to explain, she said, "Well, 65 is one more than 64, and 5 is one more than 4, which is the cube root of 64; and 126 is one more than 125, so the answer should be 6, which is one more than 5.
The cube of any number ending in a certain digit will always yield a cube root that ends in a corresponding digit, and Nackybal knows "that one gives one, and two eight, and three seven, and four four, and five five, and six six, and seven three, and eight two, and nine nine, and of course nought nought" (198).
By the cube root of two is meant the real root of the equation
Integral z-squared dz From 1 to the cube root of 3 Times the cosine of three pi over 9 Is natural log of the cube root of e.
Dimensionally, his rule was fine, since the cube root of the cube of a length is a length.
PHILMASA Int'l, Cube Root Restaurant and Graal's Beauty Saloon.
A money pit of stress is so acute, Bio-fuel measurements at the bank's cube root, Chased by the wolves, the atoms are in pursuit, Taken to the cleaners in your birthday suit.
To appreciate the worth of this feature, take a piece of paper and graph the cube root function.
I asked him to give me the cube root of 2 [square root of 2].