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a small secluded room

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Cameron is an incredible physician," Cubby stated, "We are so fortunate that he treated Judy and look forward to him being Judy's doctor for the long term.
Mrs Cubby will be visiting Holland, and Minnesota in the USA, to look at how care organisations in the two countries look after patients in their own homes.
and the sturdy design makes it durable enough to be taken and used everywhere on a daily basis, while its slim, lightweight and one-piece design allows it to be transported and stored easily in a closet, shelf, trunk, camper cubby or nearly any other similar storage location without the need for tools, say officials for the Macomb, Mich.
He said that when Sean Connery had talked about dropping out of Bond flick, Cubby Broccoli approached him and asked if he was interested in the role.
me beyond online meetings through LogMeIn's secure cloud file sync and sharing app, Cubby.
html) Cubby Tees , a Chicago-based manufacturer, had produced a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase "(http://sports.
It has 16-inch Sawtooth wheels and an interior with a full leather trim and orange contrast stitching on the seats, steering wheel and centre cubby compartment.
Marina Hunter-Grey, prosecuting, said: "He said he was in a cubby hole at the front of his house fixing his bike.
Built on top of the company's proprietary Gravity Data Service platform, Cubby offers some flexibility missing from Dropbox, starting with its more generous free storage allowance of 5GB; Dropbox gives users 2GB.
uk, 0845 602 1073) This clever sink cabinet combines cupboards with cubby holes, pounds 179 (www.
In an interview with Smooth Radio to be broadcast from 6am today, Sir Tom said Bond series producer Cubby Broccoli was toying with the idea of casting him as the secret agent but decided against the move due to his huge public profile.
rear, cubby Sadly for Kia, there remains some brand snobbery.
Fertik, who's used to giving media interviews from a cubby next to his washing machine, now has a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen segueing to a formal dining area, great room and a home office.
Essays include, Abandoned Cubby Huts: The Camera and Architecture as a Site of Dreaming, about the cubbies children naturally make in wooded areas given the opportunity, and Round Australia with Keith and Merle, a musing about the traffic signs we pass by numerous times a day.
Sir Tom said that producer of the series, Cubby Broccoli, toyed with the idea of casting the It's Not Unusual singer as 007.