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a small secluded room

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Ever since his last birthday, Cubby had been raising honey bees.
The court previously heard that Clifford claimed he represented Cubby Broccoli, and told one alleged victim she would have to sleep with the producer so she could be in one of his films.
And Cubby said, 'I don't want to make a Mel Gibson movie, I want to make a James Bond movie.
I then drop my staff an email before heading home to walk my dalmatian Cubby.
Cubby and Harry tried to persuade Sean to return, but he was having none of it.
Mr Cubby, 50, a builder, said the couple put in a bid for the property after it was advertised in a local newspaper.
30pm, crews from both stations dealt with a small fire in an understairs cubby hole at a house in Lindley Road, Stoke.
About 100 of the cars will be produced with rhino light and dark grey leather seating and matching gear lever handle, hand-brake grip, cubby box lid, glove box cover and door handles.
Scarlett, Ranger Rick Raccoon, and Cubby Bear were far, far from home.
Treforest-born Sir Tom said that the producer of the Bond series, Cubby Broccoli, toyed with the idea of casting the It's Not Unusual singer, who turned 70 this year, as 007.
Meanwhile, another Lake District tarn has been renamed in honour of the late Cumbrian wildlife expert John Cubby.
UNUSUAL SHAPES: Upturned fishing boats at Lindisfarne by Panganai Svotwa; CHOPPY DAY: Heavy seas at Collywell Bay, snapped by Tom Mclvor; VIP VISITOR: David Goldsmith photographed Prince Charles during his recent visit to Morpeth to survey the flood damage; ACTION SHOT: The Tour of Britain was reaching the outskirts of Newcastle when Paul White took this photo; DOG DAY AFTERNOON: Derek Curtis supplied this picture of him and his dog Cubby on Take Your Dog to Work Day; RIGHT TRACK: The Furness Railway loco of 1863 takes on water at a Tanfield Railway gala in Stanley.
Cubby prided himself on personal integrity and honor.
The musical event at Shirley Methodist Church was organised to remember former Supt Dennis Cubby.
British author Donald Zec hasn't even completed his biography of late 007 movie producer Cubby Broccoli, but already buzz is circulating around the publishing world that Zec has some hot stuff in it.