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a wholly owned subsidiary of Angus Energy, has conditionally agreed to acquire the 25% interest in PEDL244 on a pro-rata basis from Cuadrilla and Lucas.
Supongo que se hara finalmente con la cuadrilla pero, con todo esto, tanto la cuadrilla, como la familia de Inaki, como ella se metera en muchos lios.
Cuadrilla appealed against against the decision and it went to a public inquiry which was heard earlier this year.
The Government, and Cuadrilla itself, have made a lot of claims about fracked gas being safe, green and cheap.
let's have good planning, let's not just go for what Cuadrilla wants because it is the cheapest option.
To determine whether this was due to hydraulic fracturing, Cuadrilla worked with Keele University and the British Geological Survey to set seismometers to monitor ground movements around the active well sites as well as the surrounding area.
En la primera cuadrilla se observo a tres corteros, mientras que en la segunda fueron siete.
Cuadrilla chief executive Francis Egan said it would be impractical to negotiate access with every landowner where it wants to use the controversial pressure mining technique.
London: Shale gas production in Britain could begin within four years if the current crisis in Ukraine escalates to such an extent that a national state of emergency is declared, the chief executive of Cuadrilla Resources said.
Cuadrilla want the go-ahead to find out just how much shale gas there is underground at the locations near Blackpool.
Shale exploration by another firm - Cuadrilla - has led to protests in Lancashire and at Balcombe in Sussex.
West Sussex County Council confirmed it will remove people, roadside tents, canopies and caravans on the B2036 London Road, in Balcombe, near to the site where energy company Cuadrilla is completing exploratory drilling work for oil, over increased concerns for the safety of all road users.
That ragbag army of eco-maniacs, anticapitalist activists, C-list celebs and leftwing troublemakers who forced energy company Cuadrilla to suspend operations in a field at Balcombe in West Sussex have been allowed to make all the running.
htm) Cuadrilla Resources was injecting fluids under high pressure deep underground to blast apart the gas-bearing rock - a process known as (http://www.
Opponents of the controversial process for extracting shale gas also blockaded the headquarters of Cuadrilla while others superglued themselves to a PR company used by the energy firm.