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Once popped, one skid of corn supplies 2,500 cu ft, (equivalent to 170 of the 14 cu ft bags in which polystyrene is usually delivered) enough to fill a 40 ft tractor trailer.
1 cu ft freezer on the left side in this design, the statement said.
6b cu ft per day by 2014, but Bahrain could double its output by delving deeper under the Gulf.
8 million cu ft as the company has successfully arrested the water induced decline.
Sizes of 16 to 252 cu ft with drop-bottom or slide-gate discharge option.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Indoor Plastic Body Air Coolers Of Capacity 1000 Cu Ft, 1500Cu Ft And 2500 Cu Ft.
Statoil, which has concluded the agreements with Tennessee Gas Pipeline, part of US energy company El Paso Corp (NYSE: EP), and Texas Eastern Transmission, a unit of Spectra Energy Corp (NYSE: SE), will be able to transport up to 2bn cu m per year, or 200m cu ft daily.
Super Sack bulk-bag containers for shipping and storing dry flowable products available in various sizes and designs from 10 to 100 cu ft and can be custom designed.
Handling load capacities from 14-100 cu ft, the series provides a high-production means of processing large items and is ideal for scale and rust removal, sand removal, preparing surfaces for coating, grinding or machining, deflashing, deburring and shot peening.
4 January 2010 - Norse Energy Corporation ASA (OSL: NEC) said today that it has reached its production target of 12 billion cu ft of natural gas, or 2,137 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day in the USA by end-2009.
Horizontal ribbon mixers from laboratory size to 1500 cu ft capacity blend free-flowing solid/solid or liquid/solid mixes.
Vacuum receivers include self-contained hopper loaders for single- or dual-material loading from 300 to 800 lb/hr; central vacuum receivers in sizes for small machines to 3 cu ft capacity; powder receivers for up to 4000 lb/hr; and JIT receivers for injection molding machines.
To accomplish that, the foundry used an average of 5 cu ft of argon to melt one lb of steel - an expensive process.
2 to 8 cu ft capacity offer single or proportional material inlets.