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comb-like respiratory structure serving as the gill of certain mollusks

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Influence of diet on pre-ingestive particle processing in bivalves I: transport velocities on the ctenidium.
The ctenidium is bipectinate with a short afferent membrane and thus the free portion is long.
Hawkins et al 2000), or to account for adaptations or compensations that may include changes in relative sizes of ctenidium and labial palp (e.
Fore coxa silver-yellow pruinose with two moderately strong, brown, ventrally-directed preapical setae and comb of finer setulae medially, with 8-10 brown setulae on anterior surface; mid and hind coxa yellow-grey pruinose, mid coxa with 2 very strong, lateral, ventrally-directed, black setae and comb of finer setae medially and 3 brown setulae; hind coxa with 1 weaker lateral black seta and 1 brown setula; femora, tibia and tarsi uniform dirty yellow; all tibiae with preapical seta; fore tibia with 4 strong setae on lateral margin, the second basal seta shorter than other three, with ctenidium of 10-12 short, sharp, black spinules, separated from each other by one or more basal spinule widths.
Fore coxa with 14 brown setulae on anterior surface; mid coxa with 7 brown setulae; fore tibia with ctenidium of 13 spinules.